5 steps to present your house for sale


If you want to be successful in the sale of your house and that the client falls in love with your property, there are aspects that one should always take care of it. So making your house stand out from the rest is of vital importance. This I know very well the sector professionals, and therefore, encourage you to follow these steps to make your five most attractive housing to the buyers today.


5 steps for your property to attract more attention


  1. The devil is in the details

Take care of the aspects that at first glance seem superfluous. When potential buyers visit your home, the decorative elements influence the impression they get.

Bedding, towels in the bathrooms, sofa cushions, natural lighting are examples of small details that optimize or detract from the appearance of the property. The good distribution of the furniture is key so that the space feels fluid.

You can always turn to the Internet to find useful recommendations, but do not rule out the possibility of a professional ... Even the advice of your real estate agent would be good for you.



  1. Living room, kitchen and master bedroom

Yes, these are the environments in the house to which potential purchasers pay special attention and, therefore, to which you should devote greater efforts.

If you are going to tour the property to prospective consumers, there is no specific order in which to take them. But it will interest you to know that the kitchen is what attracts the most attention, secondly, the living room and, finally, the main room.

Showing them one after another, interspersing other environments between them or starting with the last one is your decision depending on the strategy you propose to keep the visitor captivated. The important thing is that, from the preparation to the exhibition, you treat these spaces with emphasis.



  1. Depersonalize the house

Family photos are nice and remind you of many pleasant memories, but they won't help you sell the house. Neither are trophies or whatever you like to collect on sight.

The idea is that buyers can see themselves making their own memories there, not that the melancholy of yours scares them away. Even better to exclude decorative elements that only have emotional value for you.

Keep in view only the special furniture and ornaments from your travels around the world that are well justified by the decorative concept.



  1. Projects order and calm

This advice may seem obvious, but it really should not be overlooked if you aspire to sell a property. You are more likely to sell a clean and tidy home than a dirty and untidy one with the same features and for the same price.

The use of light tones and pastels give a feeling of calm, cleanliness and spaciousness that, without a doubt, is attractive for those who hope to buy. Apply this tip especially to walls, furniture, and rugs.

Avoid filling the cabinets with the objects that you stole from the exhibition in accordance with the previous advice. You want the buyer to be able to see a clean closet, with few clothes and everything perfectly folded.

If you want to light candles or incense (soft-smelling), leave a fragrant cake in the kitchen, do not be inhibited. This and that there are no sources of bad smell will help you to take the client in the right direction.



  1. The first impression is what counts

Because, even if your home is a real palace on the inside, if the facade looks like a haunted house, buyers will hardly give it the opportunity ... Even if they do, they will see many problems to be solved and may end up in discouragement.

A few coats of paint and catching up on your landscaping may be enough to make your property's exterior look attractive. But, in case it is necessary to make it stand out from the rest and as long as it does not go against the norms of the community, opt for something simple like painting the door or changing it.

If the budget to reform is generous, spare no effort to refresh the entrance to your house. Remember that it is the face of your product and the first thing that visitors will see.



Selling a house is not an easy task. For this reason, there are individuals and agencies that are dedicated to that. The advice you just read is the brainchild of designers, real estate agents, marketers, and others.

The appearance of your property is important, what it transmits to the client is essential. You cannot control the decisions that those who visit the place end up making, but you can make your house attract them more than the average.

This article is not about individual quirks, or instant formulas. These are five precepts that you cannot neglect if you really hope to sell your house. The rest is paperwork and procedures in which a real estate agent can advise you well.

Do not worry about what you cannot solve on your own, take care of what you can improve and you will see the result.