Optimise Investment

Invest in the destination of your dreams and generate passive income with vacation rentals in prime locations

Capitalize on the tourism boom with properties that work for you.

We are dedicated to finding prime locations and optimal features that promise a steady stream of vacation rental income, taking care of every detail, from location selection to features that guarantee profitability, so that your investment is not only secure, but tremendously lucrative.


Investment purchase advice

We expertly guide you through the complex path of acquiring properties with high return potential in the short-term (Vacation), long-term (monthly and annual) and purchase-sale rental markets. We focus on understanding your financial objectives, personal preferences and risk tolerance to identify the most suitable investment opportunities.

From market analysis and location selection to assessing feasibility and rental potential, our team offers comprehensive advice. We help you find the ideal property and ensure that every aspect of your purchase is aligned with a long-term strategic vision.

Legal and Tax Advice on Purchase and Rental

We provide expert guidance throughout the purchasing and rental process. From due diligence on acquisition to understanding tax obligations on short- and long-term rentals, our team is here to ensure every aspect of your investment complies with local laws and regulations.

We handle everything from purchase contracts to rental permits, and optimize your tax structure to protect your profits.

Support in Mortgage Contracting

We assist you throughout the financing process, ensuring that every step, from preparing the required documentation to negotiating terms and rates, is carried out with the utmost professionalism.

We are dedicated to representing you effectively before financial entities, offering you comprehensive and personalized assistance, so that you obtain the most favorable conditions and make your investment a reality with confidence and security.

Contracting of Services

We are in charge of coordinating and contracting services such as electricity, water, internet, home insurance and alarm systems, among others. We are dedicated to ensuring that your property is fully functional and secure from day one, managing every detail with trusted suppliers and ensuring that services not only meet your quality expectations, but also align with your financial and operational needs.

Multilingual Service

We offer a comprehensive multilingual service, ensuring that every step of your investment, from the initial property search to your holiday rental or sale, is simple and understandable. We have specialized agents in different languages who will accompany you in the purchase of the property, the contracting of essential services, the mortgage management with financial institutions, and any other necessary process.

Our multilingual team is committed to providing you with clear and effective communication, ensuring that all your needs are accurately understood and addressed, providing you with a hassle-free investment experience completely tailored to your needs.

Reform and Decoration

We offer a comprehensive Renovation and Decoration service, adapted to maximize the attractiveness and comfort of your investment. Our team of experts will evaluate each space, proposing and executing renovations, from simple improvements to complete renovations, ensuring that every detail contributes to an exceptional experience for your guests.

In addition, we take care of the interior decoration, selecting styles, furniture and accessories that highlight the property and enhance its functionality and comfort.

Complete Vacation and Monthly Rental Management

We take care of everything from effective marketing of your property and reservation management to customer service and regular maintenance. We offer customized solutions to maximize occupancy, optimize income and keep your property in optimal condition.

Whether you prefer short-term rentals for tourists or more stable long-term leases, our comprehensive management ensures your property is profitable, well-maintained and provides an exceptional experience for every tenant.

Dynamic Pricing Strategies

We use advanced data analytics and sophisticated algorithms to adjust rental prices in real time, responding to market fluctuations. Our methodology ensures that your property is attractive to potential guests, ensuring optimal occupancy and maximizing your income.

By combining our market experience with cutting-edge technology, we offer a pricing solution that increases your profitability and alleviates the burden of having to constantly monitor the market.

Vivienne Thoennessen CO-Founder & CEO

Vivienne Thönnessen is the CEO of Homewatch, specializing in vacation rentals, sales and investments. A trilingual leader, she is committed to excellence and innovation in the property market.