Property sale

We are committed to making the sale of your property a successful process.

Discover the peace of mind of selling your property with a committed and experienced team.

We are dedicated to understanding your objectives and needs, to provide you with a service of excellence and efficiency from the beginning to the closing of the sale. Our experience and deep knowledge of the market allow us to provide you with an accurate valuation of your property.

We design highly customized marketing strategies to ensure you stand out in a competitive market. Our mission is to build solid relationships with our clients, based on trust and transparency, to guarantee their peace of mind and success in the sale of their property. Your property is our priority and we are ready to turn it into a real estate success story.

MANAGEMENT OF PROPERTIES FOR SALE: Your property, our priority

A property is one of the most precious assets in life, and the decision to sell it correctly and at the best price is of utmost importance. We know that as an owner you are always looking for facilities, knowledge and experience in this crucial process. At Homewatch, we understand the value that your property represents and that is why we are here to provide you with the necessary support. At every step, we work tirelessly to ensure a successful sale that allows you to achieve your goals efficiently and worry-free.

Property management services

Property Valuation

We provide a comprehensive property valuation service to help you obtain the best value for the sale of your property. Our valuation is based on market analysis and concrete data, providing you with an accurate estimate to make informed decisions in the real estate market. Property valuation is vital to establishing a competitive price, avoiding financial losses, facilitating effective negotiations and complying with legal requirements.

We carry out a thorough market analysis, a detailed inspection of your property and the use of advanced tools for an objective calculation. We provide you with a comprehensive report including market comparisons and estimated value.

Marketing strategy

We design personalized marketing strategies that highlight the uniqueness of each property. We begin with a detailed evaluation, highlighting distinctive features and amenities and identify the target audience, segmenting the market to attract potential buyers.

We develop customized marketing campaigns, including unique websites, engaging visual content, social media, targeted advertising, and visual tools such as professional photography, high-quality videos, and virtual tours. We continually monitor and adjust the strategy to maximize visibility and attract the right buyers, ensuring your property is presented to the market in the best possible way.


We offer personalized advertising strategies that highlight the uniqueness of each property, adapting to your specific needs. Our team of marketing and design experts create captivating visual and descriptive ads, promoting your property on relevant platforms such as our website, major property portals and social media.

We focus on audience segmentation to reach potential buyers who match the specific characteristics of the property, guaranteeing effective promotion. In addition, we continuously monitor and evaluate the campaign, adjusting the advertising strategy to maximize reach and effectiveness in reaching the right buyers.

Visit Management

We are in charge of coordinating and managing all visits by potential buyers. Our service includes professional coordination of viewings based on your preferences, preparation of the property to highlight its features, and assistance from multilingual agents to facilitate effective communication during viewings.

In addition, we offer follow-up after the visit, providing you with information about the buyer to understand their decisions in the sales process.

Professional Network

We offer a networking service that connects owners with experts such as lawyers, notaries and inspectors, ensuring a smooth and legally compliant sale. Our specialized professionals offer expertise in their respective fields, ensuring legal compliance, conducting comprehensive inspections, and facilitating effective communication between all parties.

We adapt our network to your specific needs, to guide and guide you in every step of your sales process. We maintain full transparency, keep you informed and provide expert support to ensure the sale is efficient and successful.

Offer Negotiation

In our offer negotiation service, we take a personalized and professional approach. We analyze each offer in detail, considering price, terms and how it aligns with your objectives. We develop personalized negotiation strategies, manage counteroffers and conditions to ensure the best results.

We maintain clear and effective communication with all parties, addressing all questions and concerns. Our commitment is to achieve a successful and mutually beneficial closing, working tirelessly to satisfy your sales objectives.

Legal Follow-up

Our thorough legal supervision service offers constant monitoring of all legal aspects of the sales process, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and managing each document with precision and detail.

Additionally, we work closely with attorneys and legal experts to provide consistent and accurate legal guidance, ensuring that every decision and action is based on sound legal knowledge.

Home Staging

We begin with an assessment, identifying areas for improvement and highlighting your property's strengths. Then we design a personalized plan that complements and enhances your home. Our decorators will be in charge of executing the optimization of the furniture layout, incorporating decorative elements and ensuring perfect lighting for each space.

We complete this process with a high-quality photography and video session, capturing the essence and beauty of your home. Additionally, we create engaging virtual tours, allowing potential buyers to explore your property interactively online.

Vivienne Thoennessen CO-Founder & CEO

Vivienne Thönnessen is the CEO of Homewatch, specializing in vacation rentals, sales and investments. A trilingual leader, she is committed to excellence and innovation in the property market.