Vivienne Thoennessen

CO-Founder & CEO

Vivienne Thönnessen is the visionary CEO behind Homewatch, a premier real estate management firm located in the heart of Marbella, Spain. With a focus on vacation rentals, sales and occasional long-term leases, Vivienne brings a unique blend of business acumen and ethical leadership to the industry. Fluent in German, Spanish, and English, she navigates the complexities of the international property market. Her leadership style is characterized by a strong yet fair approach, always prioritizing justice and a positive work environment. Under her guidance, Homewatch has become a trusted name for property owners and vacationers alike. Vivienne is not just a business leader; she is a lifelong learner, continually expanding her knowledge through specialized courses and professional development. When she steps away from her role at Homewatch, she dedicates her time to family and personal growth

+34 665549271 vivienne@homewatch.es

"Vivienne Thönnessen is the CEO of Homewatch, specializing in vacation rentals, sales and investments. A trilingual leader, she is committed to excellence and innovation in the property market."