Rental Conditions


The LESSEE declares that he/she has read the descriptions of the apartment and agrees with the condition described and the services offered for the holiday accommodation he/she has rented. The LESSEE will not have the right to claim any service that is not specified in the advertisement where the rental has been made.



The only people authorized to reside in the property, during the rental period, are the people registered through the welcome app. The maximum occupancy will be the one declared in the advertisement where the tenant has rented the accommodation.
Tenants will not be allowed to have more than the number of people indicated to reside or sleep in the facilities. It will be essential to present the documentation of all the guests for the delivery of the keys.



The lease will begin at 4pm on the date indicated as the check-in date and expires at 11am on the date indicated as the check-out.
The hours for check-in into the accommodation will be from 4:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
- Check-in from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. will have not an additional cost
- Check-in from 21: 00h - 00: 00h will have an additional cost of € 50.
- Check-in from 00: 00h 02: 00h will have an additional cost of € 100.
The maximum entry time is at 02:00h.
- The maximum departure time from the accommodation will be at 11:00 am. Each hour of delay not confirmed in writing by HOMEWATCH will be charged from the deposit at € 50 / hour.
The LESSEE undertakes to notify us of their approximate arrival time at least 24 hours in advance.
On the day of arrival, the LESSEE will confirm to HOMEWATCH one hour before arrival the exact time.
Homewatch will receive the LESSEE at the accommodation and will give him all the necessary instructions.
Essential for handing over the keys:
- Showing an official identification document for each person and, if the reservation has been paid by credit card, it is necessary that the person who paid with the card is present at the time of the check in and she or he has the credit card physically next to your identity document.
- In case of not being able to check the card, the amount paid to the card not present will be returned and the LESSEE  and he/she will have to make the full payment of the rent in cash or with another credit card. Homewatch will charge € 30 for credit card expenses and the LESSEE will not have the right to compensation or discounts for additional expenses from their bank for the return and the new payment.
The maximum departure time from the accommodation will be at 11:00 h. Each hour of delay not confirmed in writing by HOMEWATCH will be charged from the deposit with € 50 per hour.



The total price agreed for the rental contract is the amount indicated that must be paid in advance The LESSEE at the time of reservation will pay 50% for the reservation of the property (including deposit and cleaning) and the pending amount of 50% it will be paid 4 weeks before arrival. HOMEWATCH will contact the LESSEE through the system to notify him/her of the non-payment of his/her reservation. If the LESSEE does not make the payment within 48 hours from the first notice, the reservation will be automatically canceled without refund of the first payment.



The security deposit will be maintained against any damage caused to the property, furniture and accessories existing in it, as well as for any unpaid invoice that must fall on the TENANTS.
If Homewatch does not have to withhold anything from the deposit, the refund will be made up to 7 days after departure. (Homewatch is not responsible for the time that the bank takes to make the return).
If the apartment is damaged after the stay, Homewatch will have one week to assess the damage and notify the LESSEE of the repair or replacement costs that will be charged.
Deposit return method:
- If the LESSEE made the payment of the deposit by card, it will be returned to the same within 7 days.
- If the LESSEE made the payment of the deposit through bank transfer, it will be his/her responsibility to communicate his/her bank details, so that HOMEWATCH can make the return.
The deposit will be returned within 7 days after receipt of said information.
Any damage caused to the building as a result of omissions, negligence will be repaired by the owner at the expense of the LESSEE who holds himself responsible for the person who caused it.



The LESSEE will not allow the accommodation to be used for any auction or any immoral purpose and will not suffer or allow any act or thing to be done that may be a damage or nuisance to the owner or any occupant of any adjacent or nearby Property. Neither will it install commercial facilities, nor will it carry out any commercial or professional activity. It is totally forbidden to hold parties and smoke inside the accommodation. Failure to comply with this clause leads to the immediate termination of the contract without any right to claim or compensation for the rental and loss of all the deposit.



The accommodation is rented free of charges and occupants. The LESSEE knows and accepts the surface, the circumstances, the use, the characteristics and the common and private services of the accommodation and declares to receive the goods that are the object of this contract in perfect condition for the use detailed above. THE LESSEE undertakes to return the accommodation in the same conditions. Any breakage or obvious defect must be notified to Homewatch at the beginning of the rental agreement through the management system with Photos.



In no case will the LESSEE be allowed to sublet or assign all or part of the property that is the object thereof, or bring any additional person to the property without the prior express written consent of HOMEWATCH.



The LESSEE agrees to allow HOMEWATCH access to the property or access to third parties to repair damages or when necessary due to force majeure. HOMEWATCH undertakes to give prior written notice through the customer area



The tourist agrees not to introduce animals into the property without specific written authorization. If you come with your pets, it is mandatory to communicate their breed and weight.

It is strictly forbidden for authorized pets to get on the furniture and / or bathe in the pool. The LESSEE undertakes to collect the faeces from the garden daily (if the property has it) and leave it clean before departure. Additional cleaning costs for breach of this clause will be charged from the deposit and may lead to the full loss of the deposit.



The LESSEE agrees not to leave the property unoccupied for any period without blocking and securing all doors, windows or any other ways of entry to the property and also, if available, they will always connect the alarm when leaving the property. HOMEWATCH and / or the Owner will not be responsible for the loss of personal items of the tenant, this contract does not include any type of insurance for the loss or theft of items of the TENANTS.
In case of theft:
If the property was not closed properly and the alarm (if available) connected, the LESSEE will cover with the deposit all damages caused to the accommodation due to theft.



At the end of the rental period, the tenant must leave the keys to the property where she/he has been indicated and will close all doors and windows before leaving.
One bedroom units will have one key, two or more bedrooms units will have two keys. There will be one remote control per garage space available.
Lost keys:
-Without garage remote control: Cost of € 20 per key on the key ring.
- Remote control, magnet or parking card: Cost of € 60.
HOMEWATCH will notify the LESSEE a maximum of 24 hours after his departure of the lack of a key and the corresponding amount will be collected from the deposit.
Forgetting keys inside the accommodation:
- If the LESSEE forgets the keys inside the apartment during working time and cannot enter, HOMEWATCH will open it with the Service key. This service has a cost of € 30.
- If the key is in place or the LESSEE forgets the keys after hours, the LESSEE has to pay the locksmith's expenses for the recovery of the keys and, where appropriate, replacement of the lock.



Cancellation by Homewatch:
In case of cancellation of the reservation by HOMEWATCH, we will be obliged to return the full amount paid by the LESSEE up to that moment. In addition, HOMEWATCH will do everything possible to relocate the LESSEE in an accommodation of the same or similar characteristics.
Cancellation by the LESSEE:
The rent payments made by the LESSEE are not refundable.
If the LESSEE cancels his/her reservation, in writing, at least thirty-one (31) days before his arrival, the cancellation charge will be 50% of the total amount of the rental reservation.
If the LESSEE cancels his reservation less than thirty-one (31) days before his arrival, the cancellation charge will be 100% of the total amount of the reservation for rent.
If the LESSEE cancels the reservation before entering the accommodation, the payments made as deposit and cleaning will always be returned.
If the LESSEE cancels while at the Property, the payments for rent and cleaning will not be refundable and the deposit is returned after the corresponding checks.