Reasons to rent your house in long term

When it comes to putting a home that we belong to for rent, always we hesitate to rent seasonally, and a few months trying to meet the liquidity needs of housing, or throw and adopt a long term rental.

Today we are going to tell you a series of reasons why you should rent your home for long periods of time, so that you can see the benefits of this type of rental and the advantages that, as a property owner, it can provide you.


High demand for long term rentals

Currently the housing occupation paradigm is changing. Spain has always been a country of homeowners, but in recent years due to the economic situation this has been turning upside down.

The current trend is rent. Spaniards, increasingly, refuse to have a mortgage and, nevertheless, advocate renting a home that is in good condition.

This has been a constant in most European countries during the last decades and now this trend is also beginning to take place in our country, so it would be good to take advantage of the strong demand for long-term rentals that is beginning to be generated.


Choosing a more suitable tenant for you

You will be able to better choose the tenant who will occupy your home. When you decide to rent your home many doubts always arise and insecurities about who will occupy it and whether they will care to proper maintenance.

By making long-term rentals you will be able to stand better to choose your future tenants, since you will not have to be constantly changing, and thus you can make sure that you leave your home in good hands.


As the tenant is going to spend a lot of time living in it, the usual thing is that they keep it well cared for and carry out adequate maintenance of the house and its services.

In the rental for days or few months usually it is more common to find misuses of items and services, as well as damage or deterioration of housing is made by tenants. On the contrary, in the long term rental tenants they treat it as their own, as they will spend a long time of their life there, and often feel like their own home.

By being continuously occupied, you make sure that the house will have a better, more continuous maintenance. This will extend the life of your property in unbeatable conditions.


Peace of mind when meeting your tenant you've been with for so long

The bond that is created with the tenant is also important. When making long rentals, you end up knowing your tenants, their treatment, their way of doing things.


A good tenant to keep the house and make payments to the day you bring to tranquility and confidence for both your economic balance or mico as for home maintenance.

As we value the tranquility of not worrying about damage to the property or the insecurity of charging a month's rent, we consider that this is undoubtedly one of the strengths of making a long-term rental.


Get regular income, economic stability and durable

Long holiday seasons provide important economic stability. A tenant who passes years in our house bring you a monthly income of rental income with which you can make long-term plans on having this safer economic support.

In addition to receiving the amount of the monthly rent, having the house continuously occupied, the maintenance of it will be greater and more complete, so you will also save for this part. You will not have to carry out continuous cleaning, or deliveries or collection of keys, something that becomes routine when we rent our homes as tourist habitats or for short periods of time.

Other savings will enjoy when, long vacation periods, will be the ongoing procedures to avoid paperwork involving the rent is of cort to duration. These end up involving a significant expenditure of money and time.


Profit from an empty home

An empty home represents important expenses for your economy. The expenses of supplies, the deterioration of the house, the annual taxes, there are many things that you will have to continue to face, even if you do not have the house occupied.

By having a tenant who makes usufruct of it, he will take care of the costs of supplies, small repairs, cleaning and all the maintenance that he requires during the duration of his lease.

With a long-term rental and continuous in time, all these expenses you all can save and, on the other hand, getting profitability of housing of not having personally use.


A rented house is a more secure house

Without a doubt, a house where people live is a safer house. An occupied house will scare away possible theft and encroachment.

The simple fact that some tenants inhabit the house, will make thieves think twice when trying to enter. This situation is much more common in vacant homes.


Tax benefits for having the house rented

Both tenant and owner will have benefits when making the income statement if they participate in the rental of a home.

As an owner you can count on a reduction of up to 60% according to the personal income tax law. This percentage is calculated according to the benefits that are taken from the property.


You will also be exempt from paying VAT if your tenant uses the house as their home.

This type of tax benefits are only accessible for long term rentals.


A number of advantages and benefits

As you can see in this post, there are many advantages that long-term rentals provide us. Some, such as the tranquility and security of having a long-term tenant with whom we gain confidence, are very interesting to have a good experience as a tenant.

Also economically it will be a relief and important help. A house, which is empty and unused, will assume an expense and a nuisance to benefit and contribute significantly to your well-being.

For all of them, long-term rentals are a great option that you should not miss.

And Homewatch as a company specialized in sales and rentals, we can take care of doing both the paperwork and anything that has to do with the tenant and the property, such as maintenance, payments, conversations with the tenant or choosing the appropriate tenant.