Marbella holiday rentals

With a trajectory of more than 20 years, Homewatch is one of the most relevant agencies for vacation rentals in Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Owners, tenants and tourists will find in our company all the guidance and attention they need for a pleasant experience in the real estate market or on their leisure vacations, thus satisfying the growing demand for short-term rental properties.

We work throughout the Costa del Sol


Our headquarters is located in the heart of Marbella, but we manage properties for all the Costa del Sol. Our portfolio of properties extends throughout the Malaga province, Benahavís, Estepona, Fuengirola, Istán, Mijas Costa, Mijas Pueblo and Ojén. Encompassing more than 150 kilometers of Malaga coastline.

Homewatch for owners


All owners will have a private user (with password) that will allow them to know at all times what is the status of their property. You will know if it is in use and for how long and you can reserve it for yourself if you need or want it.


Nowadays the competitiveness is very high, and at Homewatch we know it, so we care about doing good publicity and marketing. We have professional photographers specialized in the real estate sector, capable of capturing the most flattering angles and perspectives of the properties. It sounds expensive,however, at Homewatch we take care of carrying out the necessary photographic sessions and audiovisual productions to present our partner's property in the most attractive way on the web, social networks and advertising actions.



Leasing a property implies a set of responsibilities that, in general, the owners must bear, but that our real estate agency will cover for them. For example: keep the infrastructure in good condition; clean the space before and after each tenant; and even doing the legal procedures, such as registering the home with the Junta de Andalucía and the National Police, if the owner so wishes. These records imply an additional charge, but the other responsibilities are simply deducted from the monthly payment generated by the stay to the owner.

In this market, it is important to keep up with the insurance companies: both not to waste money paying unnecessary fees and to be well protected. The owners do not have to worry in this regard, as the company in which they place their trust will take care of keeping them up to date.

Eventualities such as Internet service are included in the emergencies that our company attends. The payments of taxes and bills, the reception of furniture or other shipments destined to the property, as well as the reception of correspondence are tasks that we assume in the real estate. Even homeowners can request that Homewatch come into the home if the security alarm system goes off.

Our company offers check-in and check-out service at all times. If the user has an emergency, the company will be there to listen and help them 24 hours a day, in the same way as the owner.

When the house is not in use, it will continue to receive attention and maintenance. The agency schedules visits every two weeks to monitor and sustain high quality. In addition, it continues to fulfill all the aforementioned tasks.

Our agency is characterized by controlling all the aspects that generally discourage owners from offering their homes to tourism. However, at all times the right to private property and the autonomy of the owner over his property is protected.

This refers to much more than just the owner's control panel. If he wishes to reserve the place for himself or to stop leasing, he is free to do so at any time as long as he respects the tenant. With all certainty, the properties are returned in optimal condition. The keys to the house are under safekeeping, but the owner can request that they be sent to him at any time.

Homewatch for tenants


At Homewatch we have all the necessary services for a comfortable stay from even before touching down on the Costa del Sol:

  • For those who have plans outside of the accommodation, the company is in charge of booking spas, restaurants, golf courses or other establishments of their choice.
  • That there is no concern when getting off the plane; the agency will coordinate the transfer from the airport to the property.
  • At the user's request, special welcomes are channeled with meals, snacks, wines ... Whatever you prefer.
  • Cleaning, maintenance and locksmith services make it possible to keep the space in optimal condition. The repairs that emerge from the property will be borne by the landlord and the agency will take care of it. Likewise, tenant attention is available 24 hours a day.
  • Users do not need to be inhibited from recreation by traveling with children. The real estate has a number of child care professionals available to your choice and peace of mind.
  • The mission of the company is to guarantee the guest the best possible experience. Therefore, it invites you to communicate to the staff any of your doubts or needs in order to solve them.

The controls of the real estate on the properties before offering them are strict and recurrent . With this, we have guaranteed the best offer to users over the decades: good general conditions, complete equipment, maintenance of facilities, etc. According to prior agreement with the owner, Homewatch manages the tenant registry before the Police.

Experts in the area and subject

Plenty of landlords end up being discouraged by the complexity of the rental world. Regardless of whether it is a vacation rental or not, the market has its demands. However, for more than 10 years, Homewatch has shown its community that it is worth venturing into this universe.

Through time, there has been no adversity or change that our real estate company has not been able to face. Our practices have been refined and perfected, we have the versatility to adapt to the characteristics and demands of each era … but, above all, there are thousands of owners who have placed their trust in Homewatch Marbella. We show that we are a leading agency and an important reference in this market.

If there is any service or comfort that this company does not make available to its clientele, users can trust that they will be supported in some way so that they can satisfy their need. Enjoying a restorative vacation or recognizing a property as a generator of monthly income… these are luxuries that Homewatch gives to its users every day.