Discover the 5 advantages of living in a one-story house

When we look for a new home to acquire, there are several doubts that we face and one of the most common is about the size of the house, is it worth a one-story house or perhaps it will be better to acquire a house with several floors.

Many people tend to opt for multi-storey houses, thinking that they are larger, although this does not have to be the case. One-story house can have a large size and many other advantages that we will list below to help you decide on your new purchase.

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Advantages of living in a one-story house

We are going to see the common advantages that you can find in one-story houses, compared to houses with a greater number of floors.

Comfort and accessibility

The ground floor houses are usually more comfortable than those with several floors, since the distances between rooms are smaller. The fact that everything has better accessibility by being closer to hand and not having to go up and down stairs continuously to go to any room, makes it more comfortable. Problems with elevators are saved that can be caused in houses with several floors in case there is someone who cannot climb the stairs normally. It is a matter that single-story houses are much more accessible to everyone.

one-story house

Simpler and cheaper reforms

Thanks to their easy access, ground floor houses are more manageable when carrying out a reform. There is no need to raise material or machinery in height, which makes it easier. Of course they are also cheaper and any good bricklayer can carry out the reform without much trouble.

Various models of ground floor houses

There is a wide variety of ground floor house designs. Its more accessible distribution gives rise to a great variety of house models. In addition, as all the space is distributed on one floor, larger properties are achieved that give us more possibilities when designing our home. It is better to take advantage of the space in one-story houses and it provides us with more possibilities.

Enjoy the porch and outdoor area

Although multi-storey houses also have these spaces, they are much better enjoyed in one-story houses, since the entire house usually overlooks the exterior areas, which helps to enjoy the exterior space more easily. This will make your gardens and outdoor areas better cared for and used and you will spend much more time in them.


one-story house

Temperature monitoring

It is also easier to control the temperature in single-storey houses and to be able to regulate it through the implantation of plants in the garden and shadows strategically placed in the exterior areas. In multi-storey houses with the sun shining on the upper floors it is more difficult to make effective use of the available tools and temperatures are often more difficult to control.

As you can see, there are many advantages that single-story houses can provide us. In them, the space is used better, they are much more accessible to everyone and they push us to enjoy the outdoor areas more and better.

One-story houses are a magnificent investment and a success that you will notice, do not hesitate and start looking for a ground floor home in the to live.

If you need help or advice to know which is the best option for you and which one best suits your needs, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.