Do you know what a simple note is?

When making a purchase, or a sale, of a home, we must carry out the procedures of various important documents for the transaction. One of these essential documents is the simple note of the house in question.


The simple note of the registry provides us with important information about the state of the home, so before buying a house that interests us we will have to go to the registrars' association to request a simple note.


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What is a simple property note?


A simple registry note is a document in which relevant information about the home comes to us. The simple note indicates who is the real owner of the property, the legal status of the home.


Thanks to these data we can know everything about the situation of the home, for example, if it has charges such as mortgages or if its use is limited in some way. We will also be able to know in the name of which person, persons or entity the house is deeded, as well as all the data that helps to accurately describe the house, such as the location of the address, the useful and built surface, the cadastral reference, etc.


As we can see, the simple note tells us a lot of very useful information if we want to buy a home, and this information is completely reliable, since the simple note is issued by the State Property Registry itself.


What is the simple note for?


Knowing all the information that the simple note contains, we can clearly see some of the utilities that the simple registry note can give us.


We will be able to confirm the data of the true owner of the property, as well as that he does not have any charge on the property and that the economic or legal situation of the same is up to date and without any type of problems that could complicate the acquisition.


The simple note also helps us to check the correct data of the house such as its location or its exact square meters, as well as its complete cadastral reference. If we are the sellers asking for the simple note, we can get new buyers thanks to the fact that we can show them all the exact data of the housing situation without them having to do anything.


simple note


How can you request a simple registry note?


We have several ways to request and get a simple note. The first is on our own, requesting it at the Land Registry. We can do it from your website or by approaching a Property Registry of the locality where the house is located. We will have to make a small payment to get it and we will have it ready for collection in 24 to 48 hours.


We can also obtain the simple note through our trusted real estate agent. Real estate agents can perfectly carry out the management by taking charge of requesting and collecting the simple note in the Land Registry.


In the same way, any other person can appear in person at the Land Registry as an intermediary and request the simple note of the house, they do not have to have anything to do with the house, since it is information that can be seen by everyone who requires it.


As you can see, a simple note is a document that can be very useful when making a transaction for our homes, it is important that we have the simple notes updated so that it reflects the data and the real situation of the property and the buyer acts with greater peace of mind and security.


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