Enjoy all the advantages of living on the Costa del Sol

Malaga's Costa del Sol is a spectacular and surprising place where climate and nature are harmonized with culture, gastronomy and pure fun to achieve one of the most unique and exclusive places that exist.


Everyone comes to the Costa del Sol at some point and falls in love with its charms, and more and more people decide to come and enjoy the fabulous advantages of living in such a unique and incredible environment all year round.

There is a great offer with a wide variety of homes in promotion that we have within our reach on the Costa del Sol with which we can get a house according to the environment that surrounds them.



Advantages of living on the Costa del Sol


We are going to see, below, some of the advantages that we will have living on the Costa del Sol, the heart of the Andalusian coast and one of the most sought-after coastal sites there is, as you can see in its variety of quality housing developments and in their rental homes of all kinds to satisfy everyone who wants to get closer to this oasis in the heart of Andalusia.


ventajas de vivir en la Costa del Sol


Climate and temperature


The Costa del Sol has an enviable climate. The average annual temperature in the province of Malaga is 24 ºC during the day and 13 ºC at night, and winters on the Costa del Sol usually have an average of 16 ºC. As we can see, it is a place where the weather is pleasant all year round to enjoy at all times.


Thanks to these wonderful temperatures, more than 300 days of sunshine a year are enjoyed on the Costa del Sol, which makes it one of the sunniest places in all of Europe, ideal for enjoying its wonderful beaches.

Wide variety of beaches


As we have just mentioned, the beaches of the Costa del Sol are another of the claims that the region has. In total there are more than 125 beaches that run along the Andalusian coast and that represent one of the most important attractions for those who decide to stay and live there.


The extension of its beaches exceeds 160 kilometers, going through towns and cities where you can enjoy the sea breeze and the many advantages of living near the sea.



ventajas de vivir en la Costa del Sol


Sports area

Another great attraction of the area is the possibility of practicing sports. The great coast bathed by the Mediterranean offers an incomparable setting in which to practice water sports such as sailing or the more modern paddle surfing.


The nature of the area means that indoor sports are also widely practiced, such as hiking, mountain biking, rafting, etc. And, of course, the Costa del Sol is famous for its multitude of wonderful golf courses, where athletes from all over the world dedicate themselves to enjoying their favorite moment.


Business city

In recent years, the Malaga coast has established itself as a large business area. Many businessmen are choosing to establish themselves in the province and take advantage of the advantages that the environment and the inhabitants of the Costa del Sol provide.


The Technological Park of Andalusia has become a logistics center of reference housing nearly 700 companies in it. Malaga is booming and more and more specialized companies and events are taking place in the province, one of the provinces with the best offer.


Benefits in mental and physical health


The sea behind a series of health benefits that we cannot ignore. Nature itself provides us with well-being and a perfect environment to lead a healthy life. If the Costa del Sol stands out for anything, it is for all this, with the sea, the sun, the sea breeze, the mountains...


There are many advantages to be found on the Costa del Sol, an ideal place to live all year round and enjoy its wonders every day. Do not miss the opportunity to establish yourself in an exclusive environment, with a most select environment. On the Costa del Sol you will not lack for anything, everything is within the reach of its inhabitants to be able to have that fabulous life that you always dreamed of.