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How is the urban sector after the pandemic?

The pandemic has shaken everything related to the urban sector. During the hard times we have been through with strong restrictions and great uncertainty, everything stopped. The sector did not move, hardly real estate was sold or rented, prices fell rapidly and everything collapsed.

The urban sector tends to fluctuate on many occasions, but the setback of the pandemic has been especially noticeable. The confinements and mobility restrictions, the lack of tourism, everything has been a slab in a sector that thrives on movement and change, change that during the duration of the pandemic has not been possible in people's lives.

Now that the pandemic is coming to an end, it seems that everything is back on track. Greater real estate activity is appreciated, the entire market is up, although with different characteristics from what we were used to before the unique and terrifying pandemic process that we have suffered.

The situation of the urban sector after the pandemic

The urban sector after the pandemic is booming again. It is now beginning to enjoy steady good health and is stabilizing upwards. There are things that have changed, now, for example, there is a boom in the purchase of single- family homes, and there are many factors that are influencing and making the market I turned to other places than usual.

Renting is also being reactivated, everything is starting to move, once the pandemic has passed its hardest moment, and people are regaining mobility and strength to continue with their lives.

There is a large park of houses to reactivate, to mobilize, and thanks to the fact that with the end of the pandemic we are able to move again and also thanks to the situation the number of workers is increasing again, people have enough power again acquisitive enough to reactivate the urban sector that is so needy and changing.

However, although the pandemic is passing, it has left many significant changes in our lives. People have changed their perception and their needs, so they do not require the same housing before and after confinement.

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Changes in the way of living

One of the main changes is being the increase in teleworking. This fact means that homes with larger spaces are needed, and with their own open spaces, where we can have some freedom, since we will spend a large part of our time in our homes.

In general, there has been a great interest in going outside the big city. People are looking for a greater connection with nature, and the purchase of homes with large spaces has been activated.

In general, it is about looking for new ways of living that distance us from everything that led us to the pandemic and the agglomeration of people in large cities, which is, without a doubt, where the situation has suffered the most.

Now the aim is to change the environment of a home, towns in the countryside, with plenty of space, natural environments safe from transmissions, activities and adventure sports outside the walls that are proposed by the practices to which we have become accustomed in cities.

Within the cities, more green spots are sought, pollution-free areas, eco-sustainable transport, single-family homes with greater privacy and open spaces where you can enjoy the outdoors and feel that connection and security that nature provides.

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Current the urban sector situation in Spain

Spain enjoys a privileged situation the urban sector after the pandemic. The large amount of land available and its enviable climate, in different areas of its geography, make Spain a priority objective for investors from all over the world when looking for real estate projects.

The Spanish real estate market is moving freely, both in small population centers and in large and medium-sized cities, where the agglomeration of people does not reach the levels of large European cities.

This is, without a doubt, a very important moment for the Spanish urban sector, which is growing at a very good pace and is emerging quickly and without pause from the pothole in which it plunged with the pandemic, predicting an even brighter future than all the past, shining and splendorous, that we already live.