The most profitable areas to invest in Marbella

Marbella is more than one of the most popular destinations on the Costa del Sol among tourists. It is also a place that increasingly arouses interest in those wishing to invest in a property that generates passive income. Just as you read it! Buyers from all over Europe are acquiring homes that alternate between being a resting place for themselves and being offered for rent. Do you want to know why? The value of the area in the vacation rental and monthly and long-term rental market is consolidated over time. Offering your property for rent (especially with the right real estate agency) means that the building receives the required maintenance and generates income without any additional effort. Keep reading so you can appreciate the potential of the towns along this coast and discover which are the most profitable areas to invest in Marbella.

Costa del Sol

First, you'll want some information about the coastline. The more than 100 kilometers of sun and sand in the province of Malaga make up the famous coast. The region's mild climate allows for sunny days for almost 90% of the year. The Costa del Sol Occidental currently has the greatest relevance in vacation rentals and monthly rentals. If you have a property here or are about to get one, you can be sure it will appreciate in value. The following towns are solid opportunities to multiply your money passively.


It is an international benchmark of beaches and opulence, one of the preferred destinations for wealthy tourists from England, Germany, Arab royalty, and Europe. It is true that the municipality has one of the highest growths in the Spanish real estate market, especially in terms of vacation rentals. However, although it is almost inevitable that your property will appreciate in value, this area is profitable for people with high purchasing power.


This town of Andalusian whiteness and Arab nuances brings you closer to nature without moving away from luxury, comfort, and the typical recreation of the city. It is also an area characterized by a diverse and opulent tourist offering. In 2018, when the demand for vacation rentals in Marbella exceeded the supply, Benahavís was catapulted for its greater variety and availability.


The tourist attraction of this town may be nature, museums, sites of historical and architectural value, traditional festivals... one or all of the above. Estepona is another of the regions in frank growth since 2018 and for the same reasons as Benahavís. Although most of the constructions available for your investment are second-hand works, here you will find younger constructions, and it is more feasible that you might even come across a new one than in other booming Malaga towns.


Tourism in Casares is a journey that goes through historical buildings, art and culture, beaches and nature, gastronomy, sports, and adventure. It has new urban developments respectful of the environment in front of serene beaches that captivate more and more buyers. Additionally, Casares has been the municipality with the highest appraisal in the average value of housing in the last year, with an increase of 21%.

Nueva Andalucía

Recreation and luxury are fitting words to describe Nueva Andalucía. Renowned restaurants and hotels with historical value, famous golf courses, and the two higher education centers in Marbella, among others. This area also requires a high budget for affluent individuals. Recently, the recreational offer and demand in the area have grown, so you can count on, if you buy a property to rent, it will appreciate in value.

Puerto Banús

This luxurious region adjacent to Nueva Andalucía is adorned by the luxurious yachts floating in the ports and the sports cars cruising on the roads. It is an especially safe area to make your investment, almost at the same level as Nueva Andalucía. The benefit from vacation rentals in this municipality can be 12% higher than the rest of Spain.


It is characterized by taking the tourist from the mountain village to the coast, often described as a balcony full of fauna and flora overlooking the Mediterranean. It is another of the areas that has exploded in growth in recent years and has numerous developments to choose from, this is because this municipality has become one of the markets where a larger number of sales transactions are carried out.


The tourism of this town allows for observing butterflies of all kinds, eagles, marine animals; visiting artistic, tourist, and historical sites; traveling by sea or cable car, and much more. It is not surprising that it is becoming increasingly relevant to the real estate market. Benalmádena is a good vacation spot, but it is also an option for monthly rentals.

A region open to all possibilities

Beaches for every taste, encounters with nature, luxury recreation, historical sites, and much more position the region in Spanish and international tourism. Recent studies show that more and more people prefer to rent during the season rather than stay in hotels.

This region offers the possibility of education at all levels. Considering the employment sources generated by tourism and its growth, this is a place where one can live well. Therefore, long-term rentals are as profitable, if not more so, than vacation rentals. It means that, if you decide to invest in the western coast, the profits would not be dependent on the tourist season.

Rentals on the Western Costa del Sol bring so much financial solvency to owners that banks grant loans to buy in the area more easily than before. Financial institutions would not do this if the investment recovery was not guaranteed.

Everything indicates that it is undeniable that this area will become increasingly well-valued. One of the towns gained a third of its initial value in just one year. Due to market behavior and development trends, official sources indicate that it is a good time to acquire properties in the area for their rental.

Although it is a complex market, only those who know it understand which type of housing is rented more or less easily, the most profitable areas according to your budget, and other data crucial for the profitability of the income. So, it does not hurt to seek advice from a real estate agency.

Marbella and the other localities are reliable options to invest your money, recover it, and generate passive income. Join the many Europeans (especially Germans, Spaniards, and English) who have already bought homes on the coast and enjoy income that may grow more as their properties appreciate in value.