What expenses are borne by the tenant

At the time of renting a home, as a tenant, you will have to assume a series of expenses to be able to carry out the rental contract. Of course you have to take care of the monthly income stipulated in the contract and bond to make the signing of the same, in the same way you will take care of management expenses arising if the rent is made through a real estate or of a manager.

But these are not the only expenses that you will have to assume as a tenant of a property. In this article we are going to see and break down the expenses that as a tenant you will have to face when it comes to renting.


General expenses agreed in the rental contract

According to the LAU (Urban Leasing Law) the general expenses for the adequate maintenance of the property, its services, taxes, charges and responsibilities that are not subject to individualization and correspond to the dwelling object of the rent, can be borne by the tenant if agreed in advance by both parties.

In this it is important that you reach an agreement with your landlord, so that you agree who will bear the expenses that are not marked by the reading of individual meters, and thus know that it belongs to you to pay and that there is no misunderstanding.


These types of expenses could include the community or the waste management of the property by the city council. Normally it will be the landlord who will take care of them, but as we say it is also common for an understanding to be reached and the tenant to take care of some of these expenses.



The expenses of the supplies must be borne by the tenant

All expenses that can be measured with individual service meters, which you enjoy during the period in which you rent the home, will be at your expense as a tenant. We refer to electricity, water, gas, internet connection, telephone line, pay TV ...

This type of expenses will depend on the tenant, although some such as electricity, water or gas are usually placed in the name of the owner of the property, so as not to have to do the registration and cancellation procedures with each new tenant who passes through the rental housing, thus saving paperwork and money.

In cases where the landlord appears as the person who owns the contracted supply, he will have to pass on the relevant invoices for each of them to the tenant, so that he can pay for the consumption of said supplies.

There are other supplies such as the telephone line or internet, in which the most common is that they are not contracted in the home where you are going to rent and it is you who directly contracts these services from the companies that provide them depending exclusively on your management.





Expenses for broken or deteriorated elements

Small repairs whose value does not exceed 150 euros, will have to be borne by the tenant.

The Urban Leasing Law dictates that it is the tenant who will have to assume the small repairs caused by the wear and tear of the use of the house.

You will also have to take care of the repairs of the damages that you or any guest you have in the house have caused during the duration of your rental contract.

If as a tenant you want to do some small work or modification in the home, in addition to needing the acceptance of it by the landlord, you will have to bear the costs of said work or modification.

Another case where you have to face expenses, is if you decide to paint the house, provided that the coat of paint does not adhere to conservation reasons the property. The cost of painting should generally be borne by the landlord, but if the tenant wants, for example, to change the color of the walls, it is he who will have to take care of paying for the service. Furthermore, provided it is not a case of need for conservation, should be consulted if the landlord agrees to its realization, may the refuse to perform any modifications in the home.



Do not get overwhelmed with procedures, leave it in expert hands

All the formalities that have to be carried out when renting a home can involve a significant expenditure of time and energy and a whole nuisance if you are not quite sure how to do it. That is why it is always good that you refer these tasks to professionals who can help you when it comes to carrying out the procedures you need during your rental period and so you can enjoy your home without worrying about paperwork and continuous procedures.

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