Rent with pets

It is likely that you have ever heard someone you know ask about pet-friendly rental apartments, or that you yourself are in that circumstance now. Although it sounds strange, there are many cases of people who have not been able to rent a property that they liked, simply because they have pets.

As you read it, it is sad but very real. Therefore, here we will tell you how to prevent a complication in that sense. We will also give you advice on how to negotiate with the owner of the apartment you want to rent to accept you with your pet.

It is important to understand that homeowners fear that a pet will damage their property or create problems with neighbors and the condominium. In view of this, it is essential that you know how to show that none of this will happen to yours.

We know the benefit that having a pet as one of the family will have for you and for people in general. For this reason, at Homewatch we are ready to provide you with a comprehensive service and advice so that you can get apartments for rent on the Costa del Sol with acceptance of pets included. Likewise, we can achieve it for you if you are looking for apartments for rent in Marbella or the Costa del Sol.


What does the Spanish leasing law establish in relation to pets?

Many of us were wisely advised by our parents about the importance of talking face to face with people and that of “talking people understand.” However, it is important to know the laws not only because they are inspired by the same common sense that originated those councils, but because they provide the necessary legal foundations.


What is the law?

Specifically with respect to the subject at hand, the Urban Leasing Law (LAU) corresponds or applies. It is important that we emphasize that this legal text does not establish a prohibition of pets in rentals.

In addition, the LAU leaves landlords and tenants completely free to decide or reach an agreement in this regard. Therefore, the aforementioned parties have the possibility of establishing a pact that includes all the details regarding the keeping of pets. All this must be reflected in the clauses of the rental contract.


Responsibilities of the parties involved in a lease

Each of these is intended to benefit both the tenant and the owner. They also establish the obligations to which they are subject.

The tenant


  • Commit to repairing the damage that animals may cause on the property and also on third parties.
  • Accept a contractual clause that establishes the commitment to purchase an insurance that covers any damage caused by the pet.


  • If it is not expressed in specific clauses of the lease, it is authorized by law to live with its animals in the rented apartment, but be careful because the landlord may dissolve the contract in other ways, such as the clause of article 27.2 that says “When in the annoying, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illegal activities take place ”
  • Likewise, you are allowed to take out insurance for damages caused, but it would no longer be mandatory.




  • Leave reflected in the clause of the contract the prohibition of animals in the apartment to be rented, in the event that the tenant does not comply with the obligation, the contract can be terminated.
  • If the impediment to introduce animals into the property is not reflected by a specific clause in the contract, it is obliged by law to accept that the tenant lives in the property with them.
  • He is obliged to inform the tenant of the conditions relating to living with pets in the rented apartment.


  • Prevent the keeping of pets in your property as long as it is reflected in the clauses of the contract.
  • Terminate the contract if the tenant does not meet the agreed conditions, referring to the issue of animals (art. 27.1 LAU).
  • In cases where the animal is a nuisance or verifiable damage to the home or third parties, you can request the tenant to evict or repair damage. (Art. 27.2 LAU).


Tips that make renting with pets easier


As we mentioned before, nothing like a good face-to-face negotiation with the owner of the apartment. The idea is to dispel their doubts and their resistance to receiving you with your pet. To do this, you have to ensure that this does not pose any threat to the property or to the rest of the tenants. We also recommend the following:

  • The main guarantee of your responsibility that would help avoid the mistrust of the owner is to take out home insurance and pet damage. This can be an argument in your favor to achieve acceptance of this on the floor.
  • Propose a contract clause that reflects your commitment to the term of the rental agreement, to pay for cleaning and repair of a specialized company to leave the property in good condition. This will certainly be a key element that convinces the owner.
  • If you have already rented with your favorite animal before, ask your former landlord, and also your neighbors, written and signed references about their good behavior. Direct referrals are always a great help.
  • Create the resume of your special furry. Although it sounds like a movie, it is something very common. Name, age, and if he is spayed or neutered should be included in the resume. Likewise, it must contain photos of your pet and medical history with vaccinations and consultations.


Let's find a good agreement

Let us invite the owner of the apartment to talk about our particular case to express our level of commitment and respect for the rules. In addition, we can show you statistics such as the scarce 0.01% of claims registered by owners, in relation to the keeping of pets in their properties.

We cannot forget that it is very likely that even the owner is a pet lover and only needs a little argumentative push to give us his approval.


Find apartments for rent in Costa del Sol

At Homewatch we give you all the necessary advice and we get you properties in Costa del Sol quickly and easily. Find out that almost all vacation homes in that town allow pets weighing less than 20 kg.

On the other hand, in case you need to leave this being so important to you in a specialized residence, at Homewatch we will also give you all the information about these establishments. We will even manage the reservation in a timely manner so that you are calm in that regard.

In summary, speaking, people are understood and better if it is to live with our beloved animals. That's why at Homewatch we look for pet-friendly rental flats with a good agreement with the owner.