10 Steps on how to sell your house


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Buying a home in Costa del Sol can be a simple experience with our real estate agency. We will strive to guide and support and throughout the process and pay special attention to your needs. Find your new home on the Malaga coast with the help of the best.

On the other hand, if you have a property in this area and you want to sell it, we want to support you by offering you a series of steps so that you can achieve it successfully.


10 steps to sell your property


  1. Do a market study

A good market study is the key to being able to show a product as attractive as possible. In the real estate business, this analysis allows you to know the activity in the area and even what it is and how the competition is moving.

The research also leaves very precise data such as the price per square meter according to the area, the type of property and other criteria of that kind. This type of analysis will empower you to design sales strategies and has an impact on the price you end up setting for the property. Failure to comply with this step will make the sale an endless process or prey to chance.


  1. Set a starting and selling price

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that sentimental value cannot be the catalyst for the amount you assign to the property. Second, you rely on market research to define the amount. Finally, the decision will always be yours, but the best thing is for a specialist (real estate agent) to take care of it.

The starting price is the initial offer, which ideally you would like to be paid for the property. The sale price refers to the midpoint agreed by the parties after the offer and counter offer processes.

Selecting the correct price is your defense against taking too long or not selling the property because the price is too high. Likewise, it protects you from losing money for selling for too low a sum.


  1. Take pictures of the house and a good marketing strategy

The photos are the business card of your property. Make sure they have good resolution, are shot at the correct angle, and are posted in the correct orientation. There are many determining elements in real estate photography, obviously there are professionals in the field.

The marketing strategy that promotes the sale of the good is based on the market study. A professional will know how to do it. It would be ideal if you had a real estate agency, since real estate marketing is their area of expertise.


  1. Verify loads of the house and energy efficiency certificate

These are legal actions, rights and payments that weigh on the home and that the seller is in the indeclinable obligation to inform the consumer. These include mortgage, lien, usufructs and easements, municipal charges and others.

In some cases, charges inhibit the owner's freedom of administration over real estate. Either way, it must be the acquirer who ultimately decides if he wants to cope with the charges.


  1. Prepare to dedicate time to the operation

If everything works according to plan, you will have potential buyers calling and contacting you at all times. Be prepared to serve them when they request it, it will be worth it.


  1. Publish sales announcements in the most important portals

The real estate market has not been left out of the media offered by the Internet. It is proven that more homes are sold with ads on the web than without them. Of course, there are portals preferred by the public and even if you publish in other minor ones, you should not skip the main ones.


  1. Dressing your house for sale

In the same way that you do it on special occasions, prepare the home to attract potential buyers. Keep it clean and tidy, decorate accordingly.

There are certain rules to respect to attract buyers, such as depersonalizing the decoration, renovating, showing the closets well ordered and without saturating, taking care of the bedding and towel sets, leaving pleasant scents in the environment and others.


  1. Prepare to negotiate

You already know that the sale of real estate almost certainly involves offers and counter offers. Keep an open mind and do not close down to negotiate. You could miss out on good proposals for not wanting to listen.


  1. Deploy knowledge in real estate law

A word of mouth is not enough to sell a property. It is necessary to carry out a series of legal proceedings to validate the exchange. Obviously, you will need someone with some knowledge in the matter and lawyers.

A serious real estate agency will put you in touch with the essential professionals to sell your house. That includes a portfolio of attorneys with whom you have typically already worked and whom you consider as capable and trustworthy. This is our agency.


  1. Allow the real estate agent to do their job

If you use our services, rest assured that we will sell your property as if it were ours. The real estate agency has the advantage of knowing the market and the strategies necessary to crystallize the sale. As always, you will have the final word, but you must trust it and let yourself be guided.


Yes, there are many details and procedures to take care of to sell your property. However, you should know that, with proper guidance, the weight of the sale can be significantly lighter. Keep in mind that Homewatch, our real estate agency, is a leader on the Costa del Sol. We will take care of all the steps listed above and more.

To top it off, do some of them for you for free (eg. photographic report). Our company will do whatever it takes to sell the property until it is successful. It has more than 20 years of experience that show that Homewatch is the champion of real estate agencies in Costa del Sol.