What are the main obligations of a real estate?

It is important that you know what the obligations of a real estate agent are, both in a sale process and in a rental process. Even if you think that a real estate agent only deals with the act of selling or renting real estate, these agencies have a greater list of responsibilities.


For this reason, it is necessary that you always look for the best professionals so that they can help you throughout the process of buying, selling or renting your home, that they care about your needs and your wishes and that they fulfill all their obligations. At Homewatch we will inform you and help you to have the best possible experience.


We are going to see, below, what are the obligations of a real estate agency in the different processes of the real estate market and towards its clients.


Obligations of a real estate agent for a sale


Real estate agents have a series of responsibilities in the process of a home sale that they must fulfill with their clients, although they cannot give guarantees of sale, they must carry out a series of actions that bring the objective closer. In the first place, the agencies must make sure that the houses comply with all the guarantees and that their legal situation is suitable for sale.


The agency must analyze the market to be able to appraise the home and must be in charge of promoting the property by all available means, being in charge of taking photographs of the property for this purpose. All this falls within the services offered to the seller.


obligations of a real estate


It will be, the real estate agency, who develops the files of the house with all the available characteristics such as the exact location, the state of the house, etc. Of course, one of the main responsibilities of the real estate agency is to receive the contact of the possible interested parties and manage them both by telephone and in person, organizing visits to the property by the interested parties.


Another important part of the responsibilities of an agency refers to management negotiations, being in charge of their development, always keeping an eye on the benefits of its client. Agencies must also provide the information and clauses of the contracts in a concise and clear manner, so that there are no misunderstandings or subsequent claims.


Obligations of a real estate agent for a rental


Again, in the rental process, the agencies cannot give full guarantees of housing rental, but they must do everything possible to achieve it, it must also be taken into account that if the transactions are not carried out, the agency does not charge your commission.


Regarding the rental management, many responsibilities are shared with the sales management, such as taking photographs of the properties for later promotion in all the media that the real estate agency has available at its disposal, they will be in charge of carrying out the procedures and negotiations with all those interested in renting the property, will help the tenant to establish a price adjusted to the market that will bring benefits.


In rental processes, the number of procedures to be carried out with potential clients who want to rent the property is usually greater, and the agency must contact them, organize visits, etc., doing everything possible to obtain the rental of the home with the greatest benefit for all parties.


Obligations of the real estate agent with a buyer


Until now we have seen the obligations of the real estate agency in the processes of sale and rental with the seller, but real estate agencies must also be responsible for the services they offer to the buyer.




In this sense, there is no specific law that indicates what the real estate agency must do, we must focus on the Law for the defense of consumers and users. We can see several points that the real estate agent should take into account with the buyer:


―It will act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer.


―You must provide legal advice and assistance to clients, when they need it.


―In the event that the management reaches a successful conclusion, a real estate agent will accompany the buyers to the corresponding firm.


―You must ensure that there are no abusive clauses that are detrimental to buyers.


―You must prepare an order sheet that will involve a commitment by both parties, who must sign it.


As you have seen, there are many responsibilities of a real estate agency, therefore, it is important to choose a good team of professionals to help you with your procedures and do the easier and safer life. Come to Homewatch and leave your efforts in the hands of the best professionals.