una pareja de jóvenes hablando sobre sus gustos al buscar una vivienda

What do young people prioritize when looking for a home?

The real estate market for young people varies according to the times. Today, when young people looking for a home, they look at a series of characteristics that are not the same as for other applicants.

Young people have specific needs, and the time we live in creates new needs. An example of this is that with the pandemic we are seeing a boom in teleworking, so a home with spaces for teleworking is essential today.

Of course, today's young people look a lot at the price of housing, always with a view to acquiring a cheap home and buying facilities in the transaction. At Homewatch we have a sensational catalog of homes for young people for sale where you will surely find something that meets your needs.

Why the change in trend when buying a new home?

It's a generational thing. From time to time, society changes and the young people of that time are the ones who tend to better pick up the new trends and square them with their way of life. Telecommuting, lower salaries, greater interest in caring for the environment, etc.

The characteristics of this time are varied and different from those that existed just a few years ago. Young people are the ones who are most concerned about meeting these new needs that are being created and have the ability and strength to change their lives in the face of the new challenges that the world provides them.

Priorities of young people when looking for a home

We are going to see below some of the priorities that young people have when looking for a home. Priorities, needs and tastes that mark the search trends of the new generations, in order to find a home in which they feel comfortable and identify with their personality.

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Wide spaces and gardens

As we have mentioned before, one of the current trends in society is telecommuting. Due to this, young people tend to spend more time at home than was spent in other generations, and they need to have a space adapted to this new need.

For this reason, they look for homes with large spaces that they can adapt to their work area without invading all the personal space of their home. As they spend so much time at home between teleworking and the pandemic situation, another of the most sought-after requirements is that of a garden, also, the larger the better, in order to have an area of nature, which oxygenates their long stays at home without having to leave your area.

Sustainable and efficient

One of the strengths of looking for a home for young people must be the sustainability and energy efficiency of the home. Youth is increasingly aware of climate change and the needs of the planet, and they are aware that it is in their power to change the current crisis.

For all these reasons, this is another of the important points, not only is it required that housing be cheap and functional, but also that it be respectful of its environment and that it has all the necessary technology to be a sustainable ecosystem.

Priority for single family

Another change that is taking place in today's society is within families. At present, due to the high pace of life, the long hours of work and other characteristics of these times, there is a tendency towards single-person families or couples without children.

For this reason, they are more interested in looking for a home as single-family homes than houses full of rooms. Few spaces, but wide and consistent in the gardens and green areas, also because in recent times and due to the lack of opportunities to have children, young people usually count their pets as family, so the presence of these usually are very high.

una familia joven comprando una vivienda unifamiliar

Good financing conditions

And of course that looking for a home cheap, as we have said before, but above all that they have purchase facilities and good financing conditions.

Young people do not care so much about getting into a mortgage, as long as it allows them to continue living and does not compromise their entire salary. Good financing, sometimes increasing the number of years of the mortgage, can be the final reason to decide on one home or another, if the rest of the conditions are even.

At Homewatch we have many very interesting home developments to buy for young people who are looking for good financing conditions and a home that meets their habitability and economic needs. Ask us, and we will make our real estate market professionals available to you, to ensure that the home of your dreams is an irrefutable project.