10 Reasons to hire a Real Estate Consultant


Going to a real estate agency to manage a vacation or long-term rental, the sale of a property or its purchase, implies various guarantees that the user would not enjoy if he undertook the process personally.

A real estate agency like ours operates on the basis of providing the owner and the consumer with security, because real estate operations involve investments of significant magnitude, especially economically. The most sensible thing is to control every aspect that affects that investment so as not to end up losing money.

Read on to find out about several good reasons to process your real estate operations with the help of our agency and not in a particular way.


10 reasons to go to a real estate like Homewatch


As property advisors our mission is to protect the parties involved in the buying process. We take care of managing and streamlining the proceedings, preserving the transparency of procedures and agreements and, in general, promoting the satisfaction of the owner and the buyer or tenant alike.

But, in addition to these valuable contributions, there are concrete benefits of going to our agency to rent a property or for the sale of it. Next, we show them to you.


  1. Experience and knowledge

Indistinctly whether you have the intention buy, sell or rent, our agents know everything necessary to consummate the transaction you want to do. Remember that the market is complex and changing and only those who study it can work with that complexity and that dynamism.

We put at your disposal their knowledge about the market and how it behaves according to each area, sales strategies, which areas and properties are more in line with your budget, requirements and precautions and much more.


  1. Selection of properties

Our property advisors show properties that are in good condition and meet the requirements to be habitable. It is a guarantee for buyers and tenants.

In some cases, depending on the operation, the property will be fully equipped for your use. Especially if it is a lease for the holiday season. Otherwise, our agency will not intentionally and misleadingly offer properties with hidden defects to its clientele.


  1. Tenant selection when renting a property

If you are going to rent your property, the realtor verifies by all necessary means that the future tenant is solvent and reliable. We ask for documentation to support your ability to rent. This involves proof of work, cash flow and other documents that are generally required of any tenant.


  1. Protection of customer privacy

The documentation that users present to strengthen their credibility will not be disclosed by the agency before, during or after the operation is finalized. Homewatch adheres to the Organic Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights in preserving the privacy of users.


  1. Advice on signing the contract

Our advisors help detect when contracts contain abusive clauses and warn users. For this they put their experience and the company's trusted lawyers into action.

The legal advice and even the recommendation of expert lawyers in the matter are the most effective talisman of real estate companies against all types of legal damages.


  1. Negotiation skills

One of the roles of our real estate agents is to negotiate, they will always have in mind the highest possible profitability for their clients. This means that we are advisers and spokespersons for the parties and we are in charge of achieving the best possible offer.


  1. Guarantee a fair price

Certainly this item is related to the previous point. The peculiarity is that thanks to tools such as market studies, the agent ensures that the owner sets the correct price and that the consumer sticks to his budget and does not pay more, but not less than the property is worth. Protects the economy of both parties by preventing excesses and losses.


  1. Networking

This Anglo-Saxon word refers to a network of contacts. Through the relationships between the various real estate agencies, we offer clients a broader portfolio of properties both for the sale of a property and for leasing.

This implies greater visibility in the market for sellers and greater offer for acquirers. In other words, the audience to which a property is offered is multiplied, at the same time that the property proposal is extended to that same audience.


  1. Manage everything related to the property

In the case of vacation or long-term rental, the owner is freed from maintenance tasks and attention to emergencies in the property when he subscribes his home to our agency to publish it as a rental. This applies in the case of vacant homes and also for those that have been rented.

The importance of this point is that maintaining a building in good condition is something that requires time that not everyone has that could end up making the home a burden rather than a blessing.


  1. Advice throughout the entire process of buying, selling or hiring

The work of our consultants begins with the recruitment of clients and ends with the operation (purchase, sale or rental). There is not a moment of the process in which our advisor departs, because his task is precisely to ensure that each gear works correctly to speed up the processes.

Serious real estate companies even follow up with customers after the process is complete. This makes us stand out from other agencies and allows us to evaluate and renew ourselves in real time to improve the service we provide.



If you are looking for information on how to buy, sell or rent a property, it is highly likely that you are aware of the complexity of the matter. It is a titanic work of many details and care. Although you can do it on your own, the guidance of professionals like us will save you time and money, while promising you better results.

It doesn't matter if you want a new home, sell your current home, or just a vacation rental. Our real estate advice is what you need to achieve your goal safely and effectively.