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The Costa del Sol, impressive towns that life-chaging to you

According to the popular vote conducted by the New Open World Corporation, and recognized by Unesco, there are seven wonders of the modern world: from the Indian Taj Mahal to the Great Wall of China. If some of your voters were to travel to the Costa del Sol, we are sure that at least one of the following municipalities: Manilva, Torremolinos, Mijas, Fuengirola, Marbella, Casares, Istan, Estepona, considered one of the most beautiful villages in the world, Benahavís, Benalmádena, Málaga, Rincón de la Victoria, Vélez-Málaga, Algarrobo, Torrox, Ojen or Nerja, would be, easily, added to this list.

If there is something about the Costa del Sol, and all the municipalities that make it up, it is that you will fall in love with them. This coastal region, located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and extending for some 300 kilometers, from the capital to the more moderate areas of Cadiz and Granada, is pure life; and, the most important thing, it is capable of transmitting all this life to those who set foot on some of its more of 125 beaches, such as The Viborillas Beach, in Benalmadena, or The Cala of Mijas Beach, or to those who immerse their bodies in its beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

It is all of the above, together with its warm climate, its leisure and its natural beauty, which make it a popular destination. Tourism is the main source of funding for this region, with an average of 35% and thus placing it among the most visited areas of Andalusia; assuming, in turn, the main economic engine of our country: Spain.

Leisure and culture, for adults and children

If you have children, we are sure that they will not be bored, because they can fun in the numerous playgrounds and play areas that are usually found near the private complexes, for rent and sale, on the Costa del Sol, such as the apartment Las Dunas, in the Bahia de Marbella Urbanization.

There are also numerous water parks in the area, such as Aqualand in Torremolinos, the Water Park in Mijas and the Holiday World Beach Club or Selwo Marina, both in Benalmádena; the latter being, in addition, a marine fauna theme park. And, on the other hand, the Bioparc in Fuengirola, a park to see animals of all kinds, from birds to mammals and reptiles, or the Aventura Amazonia, a zip-line park located in Marbella.

For those interested in sports, in what is known as the Costa del Golf, it will not be very difficult to make a hole in one. You can find courses of all kinds, like: the Finca Cortesin Golf Course in Manilva, Los Arqueros Golf & Country Club in Benahavís or the Real Club Gold Las Brisas in Nueva Andalucía, Marbella.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something a little more cultural, you can visit our beautiful museums. Many of them are free of charge if you are a student or if you go during a specific timetable, such as from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00, in winter, or from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 or from 17:00 to 21:00, in summer; like: the Municipal Museum of Antequera, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Estepona, the Wine Museum of Mijas or the Centre Pompidou or Picasso Museums, both in Malaga.

In addition to a multitude of cultural and leisure events throughout the year, such as: the Malaga Carnival, from Saturday 11 to Sunday 19 February, the Malaga Film Festival, from 10 to 19 March, and the Malaga Fair, from 12 to 19 August. And also monuments of great artistic development such as the Alcazaba, the Cathedral of the Incarnation or the Roman Theater.

Amazing resraurants and bars

In addition to its beaches and its climate, the Costa del Sol offers excellent restaurants with views, as are the cases of the Marbella: El Lago in Elviria, or the restaurants Breathe, The Habana Lounge and The Naga. These three you can meet in Puerto Banus.

Passing also by some of a more low-cost character, but with a quality that does not cease to be exceptional and a menu with food to repeat without getting bored, such as: The Tintero in Malaga, The Barriles Bar in Nerja or, if you are looking for something more traditional, Taberna Casa Curro or Bar The Cordobes, both, also, located in Marbella.

But, if we talk about restaurants, in the same way we have to do it of beach clubs and pubs, because there are many of them and all of them with a menu of cocktails of the most varied. We can recommend: the Litoral Pacífico in the Paseo Marítimo Antonio Banderas in Málaga, the Bahía Beach in Casares, the Gallery Bar in Marbella CenterThe Mar Salá Beach Club in Fuengirola, The Pesquera Restaurant in Puerto Banús, or the very well known The Pimpi Bar, also in Málaga.

Restaurante La Pesquera en la Costa del Sol


Transportation will not be a problem

Now, you may be wondering what transportation options are available to visit all these sites. Well, there are many, depending on where you are staying, of course, and depends on your interests.

For starters you have to be here, as is obvious. That is why we want to provide you with this useful information, in relation to the different airlines you can use to travel to the capital. These are some of the most important ones, although there are many others:

  • Iberia: This is the main airline in Spain and offers direct flights to Malaga airport from several Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza, A Coruña, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Santander, Vigo, Alicante and, in the case of Andalusia, from Almeria, Jerez de la Frontera, Algeciras, Seville or Cordoba. Also, from some European cities, such as Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Warsaw, Manchester, London, Lyon, Prague, Paris, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Florence, Frankfurt, Marseille and Bordeaux; from North America, such as Guatemala and Mexico; from South America, such as Buenos Aires, Argentina or Bogota; or from North Africa, such as Casablanca, Tunisia, Marrakech or Melilla. As well as from the United States, from the city of Miami, Boston, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Among many other territories that you can consult on its website (https://www.iberia.com/es/)
  • Vueling and Ryanair: Two Spanish airlines, both low cost, ideal for travel to the Costa del Sol, without spending a lot of money, if you live in the cities of: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Cordoba, Valencia, Ibiza, A Coruña, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Santander, Vigo, Alicante, Almeria, Jerez de la Frontera or Algeciras. In addition, these companies also allow you to travel from other European ports such as Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Bordeaux, Dublin, Warsaw, London, Manchester, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Warsaw, Paris, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Eindhoven (only Ryanair), Florence or, in the cases of Prague and Lyion, only using Vuelling. And, if you come from North Africa, you will have flights available from the city of Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakech, Ceuta or Fez and Tetouan.
  • British Airways: Although it is an English company, British Airways, in addition to offering flights to Malaga from cities in the United Kingdom, such as London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newscastle, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds and Belfast. It will also allow you to travel from cities in the United States, such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Washington, Boston or San Francisco; or in Europe, from cities such as Frankfurt, Paris, Milan or Zurich. Or even from more varied countries in the world, such as Hong Kong or Johannesburg. (https://www.britishairways.com/)
  • Lufthasan: A German company that, like the previous one, besides offering flights from some of the most important German cities, such as: Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin or Nuremberg, among others; it also allows you to travel from other more varied destinations in Europe. (https://www.lufthansa.com/)
  • Air France: It covers trips to Malaga from French cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon or Nice, as well as from other cities in Europe and Oceania, such as Sydney or Melbourne. Even trips from Miami and from Rabat, being this the only line with which to travel from this North African city. (https://wwws.airfrance.es/)

Now, let's imagine that you are already here, finally! Well, if you are looking to move from one city to another, such as from Malaga to Marbella or from Marbella to Fuengirola, you will have available several trains and regular buses that are responsible for connecting the different territories of the coastal area. An example would be the Avanza Bus group, a company from Malaga dedicated to offer trips between the different Spanish provinces, with different lines available; here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • M-110: Malaga - Torremolinos - Benalmadena Costa.
  • M-112: Malaga - Mijas
  • M-113: Malaga - Fuengirola
  • M-126 / M-116: Benalmádena - Torremolinos - Málaga Teatinos
  • M-120: Torremolinos - Fuengirola
  • M-121 / M-126: Mijas - Benalmádena - Torremolinos
  • M-122: Fuengirola - Mijas
  • L-60: Fuengirola - Marbella
  • L-77: Hospital Costa del Sol - Estepona - Casares
  • L-79: Marbella - Estepona
  • L-302: Málaga - Estepona
  • L-307: Málaga - Marbella
  • L-602: Malaga - Malaga Airport - Marbella - Estepona

Or Renfe, in the case of trains, with two commuter trains:

  • C-1: With stops at different points in Malaga, from the city center, the Alameda, to the Maria Zambrano bus station, the Plaza Mayor shopping center or the Malaga Airport, reaching municipalities such as Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola.
  • C-2: Ideal for sightseeing in the different villages of the town of Malaga, such as Alora, Torre del Mar, Caleta de Velez, Velez-Malaga, Algarrobo-Costa, Benagalbon or Rincon de la Victoria.

On the other hand, if you prefer to move within the municipality where you are living, you have the option of urban buses, with different lines depending on where you are going; and, the option of renting a bicycle or an electric scooter in companies such as BiciRent, Costa Bike or Andalucía Bike. You can also take a traditional cab, which you will probably find in the most central areas, shopping streets and airports, being the price of this option a little higher; or use transport applications like Uber, Cabify or Bolt.

Finally, to move around the coastal region, both inside and outside the municipality where you are, there is the alternative of bringing your own vehicle, which would be the most comfortable, or renting a car with companies like Goldcar or Avis, among many others available.

An Andalusia to fall in love with

If you come with enough time, and, from Homewatch, we recommend that this is, at least, fifteen days, as it will never give you the feeling of having seen and enjoyed paradise as much as possible; it is likely that you will think the possibility of making a stop in other Andalusian regions, to see some of its most emblematic monuments, such as: the Alhambra or the Arab Baths Hamman, in Granada; the Real Alcazar, the Plaza of Spain or The Giralda in Seville; the Genovés Park, the Gran Teatro Falla or the Cathedral in Cadiz; or the Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba. But, how to visit all these areas? By means of some bus lines, which we will also tell you about in this post, since we do not want you to miss any detail when you visit us:

Alsa, Spanish company dedicated to the transport of passengers by road and that will allow you to move through:

  • Malaga - Seville (Plaza de Armas)
  • Malaga - Loja - Granada Bus Station

Avanza Bus, to move around Andalusia and to reach the following destinations:

  • L-314: Malaga - Algeciras
  • L-501: Malaga - Cadiz
  • L-531: Malaga - Marbella - Algeciras - Cadiz

Finally, you have the option of moving in your own vehicle, renting a car, with companies like Goldcar or Avis, or using BlaBlaCar, the latter being the most economical and sustainable option.

The million dollar question: when do I go?

Finally, about the ideal date to come, if your question is: when is the best time to do it? It depends on what you are looking for. If you are interested in being underwater all day, cultural mixing and socializing with others, as well as nightlife, the best months would be between July and August, being the hottest, with an average temperature between 27 ºC and 30 ºC, as well as the most touristic.

On the other hand, if what you want is tranquility, April, May, June and September, although they have temperatures a little less high, ranging between 19 ºC and 25 ºC; or the months of autumn and winter, where the temperature is rarely below 10 ºC, would be the most advisable. Since these will allow you to relax without having to wait a long time to dirnk a cocktail in a bar, for example. Of course, you should keep in mind that many beach clubs, among other leisure activities, could be closed.

In conclusion, it is never a bad time to enjoy what you have been waiting for and that you know you deserve. So, if you want to come, and reading this article gives you away, we recommend you not to wait any longer. The best time? It is now.

We are waiting for you, here, in our vacation paradise: the Costa del Sol.

The Costa del Sol, impressive towns that life-chaging to you