Drone image of Costabella Marbella showing the beautiful beach, luxury properties, and high-end amenities of the community

Discover the Upscale Lifestyle of Costabella Marbella – Luxurious Beachside Living

What are the main amenities in Costabella Marbella?

Costabella is a beachside residential area located in Marbella, Spain, known for its beautiful beaches, luxury properties, and upscale lifestyle. The area boasts a wide range of high-end amenities including stylish beach clubs, gourmet restaurants such as Bonos Beach, Luma Beach, Miguel y Maria and Da Sergio, making it a popular destination for tourists and second home owners, particularly from Northern Europe.

What are the main urbanizations in Costabella Marbella?

The area is home to several urbanizations that offer a variety of options for residents. San Paul del Mar, San Paul del Mar Norte, Townhouses Semarango Beach, El Arenal and Alvarito Playa are the main urbanizations in Costabella Marbella, all of them with different characteristics that adapt to different needs. San Paul del Mar urbanization features big three-floor townhouses with parking in front of the house, spacious community areas and very nice sea views from many units. San Paul del Mar Norte features smaller townhouses in a closed urbanization on 2-3 floors with one communal swimming pool. El Arenal Townhouses features one communal swimming pool, private garages underneath the properties, and roof terraces. Alvarito Playa is a big urbanization with a tennis court, 3 communal swimming pools, communal garage underneath the building with assigned parking spots, and a community with direct access to the beach.

Private Villas in Costabella Marbella

Besides the urbanizations, there are also many individual houses in Costabella, many of them with swimming pools. The smaller units have an approximate plot of 500 m2 and the bigger ones have between 1.000 to 2.000 m2. This diversity of options makes Costabella a perfect place for different types of residents, from families looking for a big house with a pool to single people looking for a small apartment with a sea view.

Costabella Marbella | legal situation

It is important to note that Costabella currently has legal problems due to the fact that when it was built, everyone made whatever they wanted, and as a result, you can find street lamps inside of people's properties. However, there is good news for the residents of Costabella, as the Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa del Sol Occidental has approved the renovation of the infrastructures of supply, sanitation and rainwater in the urbanizations of El Rosario, Hacienda Las Chapas and Costabella, which will be finished in 2023. The investment in the three initiatives will exceed 10 million euros and will offer a better service to the 7,000 residents of this area. The interventions in Hacienda Las Chapas and Costabella will have an investment of more than 6 million euros, co-financed 50% by the City Council of Marbella, 25% by the public water company, Acosol, and another 25% by the community of owners of both urbanizations. Read more about the renovation of the infrastructure at the website of the townhall of Marbella

With the legal problems being solved and the infrastructure being renovated, Costabella will become an even better place to live and visit. The area's beautiful beaches, luxury properties, and upscale lifestyle, combined with the new amenities and infrastructure, make Costabella a perfect place for those looking for a luxury beachside lifestyle.

If you're looking for a luxurious beachside lifestyle, Costabella Marbella is the perfect destination for you. With its beautiful beaches, high-end amenities, and stylish beach clubs, it offers a unique experience that you won't find anywhere else. The upcoming infrastructure renovation will only enhance this experience, making it a better place to live and visit. The community is also home to a variety of properties, from spacious townhouses to individual houses, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a second home, or a permanent residence, Costabella Marbella has something to offer. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of one of the most exclusive and desirable communities on the Costa del Sol. Contact us today to learn more about available properties and to schedule a visit.