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Bet on the real estate investment in Spain

After the recess caused by the pandemic, in all areas of life, the real estate market begins to gain strength and the volume of real estate investment in Spain is returning to pre-Covid-19 levels.

In our country, there is an attractive real estate market full of interesting assets that contribute to the continued growth of the sector. Far from exploding, we are at a peak, ideal for the real estate investment in Spain.

The low interest rates, availability of square meters or selling prices of housing, are some of the Spanish economic factors that place our country as an ideal place to invest in real estate.

The sale price of housing in Spain is almost 40% lower than in the years of the real estate boom. The sales of second-hand homes either to use them as homes or to obtain an active income with their future rental, have been reactivated in the second half of the year until reaching to the unbeatable situation in which we are currently.

Also new homes for real estate investment in Spain are playing a crucial role in the important growth that the sector is experiencing in our country.

Is it profitable in the real estate investment in Spain?

The Spanish real estate market is very interesting to invest in housing thanks to its high profitability. According to Eurostat data, 76% of Spaniards invest in the purchase of a home that they own, and 36% do so in the purchase of a second property. In addition, we must add the strong foreign investment that is made in our country, making it one of the healthiest and most active real estate markets today.

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Various Spanish economic factors make the national real estate market a very attractive source of investment for all investors:

  • Spain has a dynamic and solvent economy.
  • It has a growing population, with a highly qualified young population and very competitive costs.
  • The geographical situation is a privilege to make for a real state investment in Spain and allows it to be an important gateway to Europe. Spain constitutes a very important international innovation center within the European context.
  • Of course, other factors of the unbeatable situation are its network of infrastructures and logistics, solid structures and in continuous development.

It is also important to highlight various Spanish socio-cultural factors in the development of its real estate market. Spain has a rich historical and cultural heritage, internationally renowned gastronomy, excellent coasts and a fantastic climate that make our country the second most visited in the world.

Conclusions to invest in housing in Spain

With all this, the situation of the Spanish real estate market occupies a privileged place, with an investment that continues to grow every year, achieving greater profitability. Spain has a market with excellent expectations for the future and a unique opportunity for investors to move and make their money profitable through real estate investment in Spain.

The rise in the logistics sector and rentals have made the Spanish market recover quickly after the recess, impossible to avoid, that occurred with the pandemic. With the gradual return to normality, tourism, retail, the labor market and other factors that have activated the Spanish economy have been reactivated and, with it, the growth of the real estate market continues.

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Once again investors from all over the world have set their sights on Spanish soil and reactivate their investments in the property. We are, without a doubt, facing a unique opportunity to make our money profitable in the best possible way, ensuring a future as bright as the excellent present that we have before our eyes.

From Homewatch we can help you get the best possible investment. Trust our professionals to guide you and help you find that great opportunity you have been waiting for to make a real state investment in Spain. Together we can achieve an attractive and quality investment that will give you the highest profitability in this varied and rich panorama in which the Spanish real estate market is found.