10 reasons to choose the Costa del Sol as a vacation spot

On the Iberian Peninsula, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, is the Costa del Sol. This beautiful coastal area is located south of Malaga and east of Gibraltar. Everything is combined to obtain a place of extraordinary beauty and charm. Its climate, gastronomy, flora and fauna, as well as its towns and history, are full of tradition.

In the same way, the kindness and hospitality of its inhabitants adds an important plus to this coastal land. Its rich culture complements its value. It is one of the most visited tourist spots in the last 71 years. Nature, in perfect harmony with the architecture of houses and streets, helps to recreate an ideal environment for rest, fun, and relaxation.


Ten Reasons to Enjoy your Vacations is on the Costa del Sol


  1. The sun is present most of the year

Almost 150 km of coastline is enough space to entertain, relax, exercise and rest. Fortunately, you can enjoy at least 300 clear days full of sunshine during the year. Hence the origin of its name. In this way, you can get a good tan and take advantage of the benefits of the Astro Rey, relatively every day.

Many visitors, fleeing from the cold winter in their countries, seek refuge in this paradise called "Costeño". Most come from countries like Germany, Great Britain, France or Scandinavia.


  1. Beaches of great extensions and quality of service of first with Blue Flag

The coast of Malaga has beaches of great beauty. Some of them have been awarded by the European Foundation for Environmental Education. The distinction in question is the Blue Flag. Both the quality of the water and the cleanliness are recognized, as well as the services provided by lifeguards, health, security, care of ramps and other implements for people with disabilities and other factors. Among the latest award-winning beaches are: La Caleta, El Dedo, La Malagueta and Misericordia among others.



  1. Some recreation and leisure activities in a heavenly place

The charm of a visit to the coasts of Andalusia is not only its crystalline beaches. There are different ways to have fun out of the water, the sun and the sand.

Golf courses:

There are at least 70 golf courses. Each of them has its peculiarities, costs and budgets, although all are very accessible. Some of the golf courses were designed by great and renowned artists or architects. Those who have been selected to carry out important tournaments either nationally or internationally are especially well known.

The Beachclubs:

As a tourist center at last, the visitor is offered alternatives of entertainment and comfort in clubs. In them you can find everything you are looking for on your vacation in one place. Good gastronomy, parties, music, beauty treatments, sports activities or direct access to the beach are just some of the options you can find as a visitor.


The shopping is an activity that cannot be left behind on a vacation, and if these are made in a unique atmosphere. There you can find shopping centers that put at your disposal: shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, gyms and other businesses.

In addition to all the aforementioned recreational activities, there are others such as horse riding, guided tours, outdoor activities, unforgettable zoos and aquariums, sailing and free diving among many other entertainment and relaxation experiences.


  1. Leisure activities and evening entertainment

There is no place or time for boredom when you are visiting this beautiful coastline. Once there, what you have to do is organize yourself to fully enjoy everything that is offered to you. In such a special place, the night is to be used every minute. It is recommended to take a tour of the bars, pubs and restaurants that remain open until the wee hours of the morning. There are also German, British and Irish locals; and, of course, the Spanish.

In the nightlife you can, after a delicious dinner, visit some of the various discos for different ages and tastes. You have the option of sharing special parties on a yacht, in the magnificent and famous Puerto Banús.


  1. The rich Andalusian gastronomy

The great variety and quality of Spanish food is known worldwide. On the Costa del Sol you will have the opportunity to taste the most delicious delicacies in a paradisiacal setting. At least 6 of the best restaurants with local menus and international cuisine have received important awards such as the Michelin Star. Some of them are: El Bardal restaurant, Sollo Restaurant, Restaurant José Carlos García y Restaurante Skina.


Andalusian food and Malaga have in common tapas. A great variety of them are served in most of the Spanish places, even in some of the typical bars of the coast the tapa is given to you for free with your drink. In the daily menus of the establishments they offer drinks such as sherry, manzanilla, invigorating, wines, tinto de verano and also the famous Spanish beer.

You can not miss the popular Spanish omelette, migas, Jabugo ham, the porra Antequerana and the best olive oil, the ideal accompaniment to meals. Broths, suckling pig, stews, vegetarian and vegan food options are some dishes that tell us about the wealth of national and international cuisine.


  1. Tour of the White and Coastal Villages

They are called the White Villages of Andalusia.These have a value beyond the historical. They also have aesthetic and architectural elements involved. The White Villages are characterized by their very narrow streets with curves and slopes. The white facades of the houses with their representative flowerpots in bright colors that present the flowers, adorn the doorways and give personality.

The white and coastal towns have a deep historical, cultural, natural and aesthetic value. Not only in Spain, but also in the whole world. They are part of the eight provinces of Andalusia. They can be traveled on routes planned in advance. There is a route that is made by the highway parallel to the beach and another route by the highway that is following the direction of the coast.


  1. Transport and connectivity

Moving around the Malaga coastline and its surroundings does not carry any difficulty. There are secondary roads, expressways and highways in perfect condition that they meet all safety standards. As for the means of transport, these are divided into internal and external, and their routes are planned by schedules. There are enough bus lines in Malaga, commuter train that connects with Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport, taxi service and the metro.

Transportation to other cities is excellent and widely safe. Malaga Airport establishes contact with 41 countries and 157 Spanish cities. 64 airlines operate there. Likewise, there is the AVE train which is fast, comfortable and reliable.


  1. System of Security and Protection of Citizens

In view of the presence of Covid-19, security measures have been taken to keep citizens safe so that they can continue to enjoy the sea and the sun. Each of the beaches has its own security mechanisms, information panels and guards governed by the Malaga City Council. This measure has been approved to maintain order and comply with security measures.

In the same way, the option is created to download free mobile applications to obtain important data that help to take care of Covid-19. The application in question is called Aforo Costa del Sol and can be downloaded on phones with both Android and iOS systems. The information provided refers to the level of occupation of the beach, the temperature, the presence of jellyfish and the state of the sea and the weather.


  1. Personality, friendliness and hospitality of the inhabitants of Andalusia

The hospitality, friendliness and warmth of the residents of a place are invaluable characteristics. Fortunately, Andalusia has these qualities. Being a tourist place par excellence, it deserves that its people be pleasant and receive visitors with education and respect. The citizens are cheerful, enthusiastic and hardworking. They transmit that spirit of service and love towards their land, its resources, its culture and gastronomy. They care for and value their region.


  1. Corners of Andalusia


Andalusia is characterized by its great cultural, historical and natural value. There are many monuments and regions declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. In addition to its music, folklore and dances such as Flamenco that constitute a great legacy to the world.

In the same way, there are natural places of majestic charm such as the Peña de los Enamorados and its legends, the imposing beauty of the Torcal de Antequera Natural Area, the enigmatic cave of the Tholos del Romeral. As well as the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park and natural monuments of incalculable cultural and archaeological value such as the Menga and Viera Dolmens.

For much more detailed and updated information on the beautiful coastline of Malaga, you can check the Homewach page. There we show you the various options in houses, villas, apartments and chalets along the entire coast.