What 5 characteristics should a sustainable building have?

In this hard fight that we maintain against climate change, the realization of sustainable buildings occupies an important place of priority. It is important that in the creation of new homes the emission of greenhouse gases is reduced, that the buildings minimize energy consumption and that they use as many natural resources as possible.


The real estate construction sector is one of the most aware that there is today and is taking measures to help mitigate climate change, so it is already recommended to look for the most environmentally friendly homes that offer greater number of solutions.


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We are going to see in this article what are the main characteristics that a building must meet to be considered sustainable.


Main characteristics of a sustainable building

A sustainable building is one that reflects on the environmental footprint and is carried out taking into account the possible impacts that it may produce on the environment. Let's look at some of its essential features.


Building location

The place where the building is going to be located must be taken into account. It should be away from areas of high noise and atmospheric pollution, as well as from areas with geological faults in its soil. For which there will be a thorough study when carrying out the project.


In addition to looking for low-pollution areas to build on, it is important that the location has areas of vegetation that help control the temperatures of the buildings and thus the energy expenditure that must be made.


Integration with the environment

The nature of the building environment must be respected and preserved as much as possible, so that the construction does not have much effect on the area. It is important to achieve a sustainable building that, for example, green buildings are made with natural elements such as vertical gardens, taking advantage of the vegetation of the area.


Thanks to the use of vegetation, it is possible to cancel solar radiation in a sustainable and natural way, which is why the integration of the construction with its surroundings is very important.



sustainable building

Use of natural light


A good efficient design should be based on the use of natural light to avoid, as much as possible, electricity consumption. The orientation of buildings must be controlled to achieve good thermal and environmental comfort.


The more natural light we can take advantage of in our properties, we will expose our environment to less light pollution and save energy. It must be taken into account from the first phases of the project in order to make the most of the sun, achieve the best temperatures and the maximum hours of light.


sustainable building


Use of technology


Technology is an essential tool to create sustainable buildings, thanks to the progress made in recent times. These new technologies will help us in a way to achieve maximum energy efficiency and minimum pollution.


The use of renewable energies is important in all the processes of the project, from construction to later in the use and maintenance of the buildings. This will save energy waste and make the building more sustainable for its environment.


Efficient systems


Some techniques, such as the construction of an efficient floor system or the simple reduction of the general height of the building, create efficient systems that help save energy and the sustainability of homes.


The installation of systems that monitor and control electricity consumption, temperature, etc., can help us to accurately monitor the energy behavior of our home.


sustainable building


There are many characteristics that new buildings must have in order to build sustainable homes that are respectful of their surroundings. Thanks to this we will be able to advance in the fight against climate change and reduce the impact that a building has on the environment.


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