Patricia García

Administrative accounting and finance

Patricia Garcia Rodriguez is a crucial member of the Financial and Accounting Department at Homewatch SL. She is currently pursuing a double degree in Law and Business Administration (ADE) at the University of Malaga, showcasing her dedication to academic excellence. With a strong background in financial analysis and proficiency in English and French, Patricia excels in international business environments. Her analytical mindset, problem-solving skills, and passion for teamwork make her a valuable asset to the team. Her commitment to academic and professional growth aligns perfectly with Homewatch SL’s dedication to excellence in financial management and client support.

+34 674 227 354 contabilidad@homewatch.es

"Patricia García Rodríguez, estudiante de Derecho y ADE, aporta su sólido análisis financiero y habilidades multilingües al Departamento Financiero de Homewatch, destacando por su enfoque analítico y su compromiso con la excelencia."