Jose Carlos O’Donell

Strategy Development

In the dynamic world of Homewatch, José Carlos stands out as an executive in business development. Starting out as an entrepreneur at the age of 18, José has built an impressive career that combines innovation, leadership, and an indomitable passion for education and tourism.
His journey began while studying Law and Labor Relations, when he founded his first language school and training center. This initial venture blossomed into a network of 15 language schools across Spain, managing over 200 employees, demonstrating his ability to scale businesses from the ground up to notable success.
Furthermore, José Carlos has been a pioneering leader in the educational field, founding one of the most innovative startups in education in Spain. This project not only won multiple national awards, but also attracted professional investment, marking a milestone in the sector.
With more than 10 years of collaboration with Homewatch, José has been instrumental in applying his business experience to the growth and expansion of the business. He has navigated through internationally renowned accelerators and led companies in different sectors globally.

+34 674 227 354 odonnell@homewatch.es

"José Carlos stands out at Homewatch as an eminent executive, whose career began at the age of 18, intertwining innovation and leadership in education and tourism, from founding a network of schools to promoting innovative educational startups and contributing decisively to the growth of Homewatch."