Felicitas Thoennessen

CO-Founder & COO

As COO of Homewatch, Felicitas brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for the real estate sector. Her commitment is to ensure that each client experiences the utmost professionalism, integrity and personalized service.
She takes pride in managing investments for homeowners and has a keen eye for spotting lucrative opportunities when buying, selling and exploring rental options.
She is fluent in German, Spanish and English, allowing her to connect with clients and ensuring clear communication and a smooth real estate process. Additionally, Felicitas has basic knowledge of Norwegian, which adds an extra level of adaptability to our services.

+34 661449072 admin@homewatch.es

"Felicitas Thönnessen is the COO of Homewatch, specializing in vacation rentals, sales and investments. Multi-skilled and trilingual, she focuses on driving superior quality and creative advancement in the real estate sector."