Marbella, a great city to discover

Today we want you to discover one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the entire Spanish scene. Rich in natural treasures and activities, full of charms where the joy and sympathy of its people will conquer you and make you feel at home.

Here you will enjoy great Mediterranean weather enjoying an annual average of 18 degrees with about 3000 hours of sunshine a year they do see Marbella as a magnetic city of light.

A walk through the historic center of Marbella

Strolling through Marbella you will find its historic center. Typically Andalusian, oozes fun and joy and you will be amazed with its labyrinth of streets that evoke getting lost for the simple pleasure of walking through them. Packed with restaurants, bars and terraces, it offers a variety of very high quality for the leisure and enjoyment of its visitors.

The Pantaleon street, closer than you know, is one of the most visited city. From here you get to the Plaza de los Naranjos, the epicenter of the historic center marbellí. In this great square you will see some of the most important buildings in the city such as the Town Hall, the Casa del Corregidor and the Hermitage of Santiago.

Continuing with the walk you will arrive at Calle Ancha. Emblematic place that runs all the center. In it you will find many noble houses adorned with coats of arms on their facades and outstanding decoration on their balconies. The balcony of Casa Correa stands out, one of the most beautiful and celebrated. Down the street ANCHA find several flashy churches like the Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz or Capilla de San Juan de Dios.

The Muslim legacy of Marbella

You will find an important legacy of the Muslim period of the city in the Marbella Castle. The Alcazaba, a caliphal castle dating from the end of the 9th century, in the historic center at the gates of the Plaza de los Naranjos

Next to it are the walls that surrounded the old Marbella city and endow it with a special charm. Completing the Muslim legacy of Marbella is the King Abdelaziz Mosque. A beautiful temple with capacity for 800 people.

Ralli Museum

The only Ralli museum located in Europe can be found in Marbella. Located in an exclusive town site near Puerto Banus, enlightens the art world of the Costa del Sol with its superb collection of contemporary Latin American art, one of the most important in Europe.

Beaches of the Marbella coast

On the east coast of Marbella appear the Dunas de Artola. A fantastic declared enclave or natural monument. Here is the Torre Ladrones, the highest watchtower on the entire Malaga coast.

Bordering the Artola Dunes we come across Cabopino Beach. A wonderful beach that even being one of the most popular offers solitary corners to enjoy tranquility

Located in the urban center of the city, Playa de La Venus is possibly the most popular beach in Marbella. In it you will discover numerous services with great restaurants and terraces. In the same area is the Playa El Faro. Provided with the best and most luxurious services, and close to this beach is the Lighthouse of Marbella that guide the coast of the city.

You can visit the magnificent Guadalmina Beach. Full of secluded coves where you can enjoy the tranquility of the wonderful views from both Gibraltar and the Atlas mountains and the Moroccan coastline.

In its fantastic setting are the Roman baths of Ciliana. Ruins with a high degree of conservation that give a unique touch to this part of the Costa del Sol and show the splendid history of the city.

The best restaurants in Marbella

In Marbella you will enjoy a wide and varied number of restaurants, with a lot of quality. Some of the most renowned chefs have settled in the city. Among the most prominent we find Dani García who owns the Leña restaurant, a steakhouse with the best of signature Mediterranean cuisine and Lobito de Mar, a modern designer chiringuito with traditional and seafood cuisine as a proposal.

Another interesting option is the Takumi restaurant, a traditional Japanese restaurant with exquisite quality and creativity in its dishes.

A gastronomic corner that you should not miss when walking through the Costa del Sol city is the Back restaurant where you can taste both food and tapas in a new model of restaurant that combines today's cuisine and that of always with surprising results.

Michelin star restaurants

Within this section of luxury restaurants, we must stop for a moment to talk about the Michelin stars in Marbella. First of all, we have Skina, headed by Marcos Granda, an avant-garde restaurant inspired by the most deeply rooted tradition of Andalusian cuisine that has two Michelin stars to its name.

At El Lago Restaurant, you will find an elegant place where you can enjoy one of the benchmarks of current Andalusian gastronomy, graced with a Michelin star for more than 15 years.

Within this select group there is also Messina Restaurant, where you can try an elegant avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine in a beautiful minimalist setting.

Other outstanding restaurants in the city of Marbella

Among the places that you should not miss on your gastronomic route is the Bar Altamirano, a cozy restaurant that brings together the best tradition of Andalusian cuisine, based mainly on the excellent local fish.

The Twins Restaurant, located on the promenade of Marbella, is another good option to enjoy a good fish and delicious rice, famous throughout the city.

In the Casa Blanca Tavern, you can enjoy its wide and exquisite variety of tapas with wonderful views of the sea.

Finally, you cannot miss the La Polaca bar. This lovely bar located in the old town, is notable for its original decoration and its cuisine "very earthy."

Wine bars, Marbella city of wine

For wine lovers Marbella also has some exclusive places where they can enjoy the best wines in select environments.

It stands out among the wine bars of the city, First Selection all a temple of wine which also can taste delicious lunches and dinners of excellent quality.

Contracata Wines and tapas is another unbeatable option for all those who want to enjoy good wines in a charming place located in Alameda Marbella.


As a good coastal town, Marbella offers a wide and diverse selection of beachclubs where to have fun and one excellent environment to the outdoors.

In Nikki Beach you will find a world-famous club full of glamor and style where its exclusive atmosphere and luxurious parties will make you enjoy day and night in its utopian surroundings.

Playa Padre offers an unusual concept, a mixture of beach and party, which is a source of delight for all visitors who enter this exclusive place.

Another fantastic place to meet and enjoy a wonderful evening is Purobeach, where its parties and meals resonate with the flavor of the delicate Marbella coastline.

Enjoy the nightlife in Marbella

In Marbella you can rejoice with a hectic nightlife offer. In addition to the beachclubs that you have already seen, you can meet and enjoy in emblematic places of the city such as La Plaza in Puente Romano, where you can dance and live the legendary Marbella night in the most incredible discos and dance clubs. Like the Discoteca Olivia Valere, Aqwa Mist, Funky Buddha, La Suite, Mirage and Ocean Club. All of them attended by famous djs who liven up the glamorous nightlife of the city.


A dream city to play golf

Another of the activities that you can enjoy during your stay in the city on the Costa del Sol will be playing golf. Marbella is one of the most sought after spots by those who practice this sport, as it has numerous fields and clubs where the wonderful climate advocates enjoying this sport at any time of the year.

Multitude of outdoor activities that you can do in Marbella

On its beaches you can enjoy relaxing massages overlooking the sea or diving in the clean and pleasant waters of the Mediterranean. You will also have a wide offer for other very attractive activities such as snorkeling, riding jet skis, renting luxurious and spectacular catamarans or learning and enjoying exclusive sports such as paddle surfing.

As Marbella is located in an unbeatable location and is surrounded by mountains and natural parks, you can visit these unique environments. How to go to visit the beautiful places of the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park to the north of the city. In these excursions you can perform various adventure activities such as canyoning or mountaineering.

Multiple excursions to the nearby caminito del rey are also organized from Marbella. One of the most surprising and unique activities you can do. You will hallucinate with the experience of crossing this footbridge in the middle of the mountains and ravines, an activity that you should not miss if you want to observe the unbeatable views it offers.

Within the town is the largest adventure park in Andalusia, we refer to Aventura Amazonia Marbella. This Park has different adventure circuits and includes the largest zip line in Andalusia. A great place to have fun with friends.

Near Marbella you can have fun at the Ascari Resort Circuit, a racetrack where lovers of speed and luxury meet to enjoy and compete.

Shopping in La Cañada

In the La Cañada shopping park, you will find an exclusive atmosphere and an incredible variety of luxury stores to spend a magnificent evening of shopping. Here you will find all the services and amenities to enjoy this exclusive and luxurious leisure center.

Marbella festivities, tradition and fun

The Semana Grande de Marbella, during the first half of June, combines great fun with the joy of festivals with a lot of tradition.

You will be able to enjoy the Marbella Fair, which begins with the San Bernabé pilgrimage to spend the following days at the fairgrounds, undoubtedly one of the most important festivals in Malaga.

Also, in summer you can enjoy San Juan's Day, very active in the city on the Costa del Sol, and on July 16, the Day of the Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of the city, in a party full of emotion.

By spring two hot spots of celebration are the Easter, full of tradition and spirituality, and Carnival, where various carnival groups we revel in their performances.

Cultural events in Marbella

As you see the cultural life in Marbella is very busy and has its culmination in the numerous supporting events that the city hosts throughout the year.

The Starlite should be highlighted, the best boutique festival in Europe where music, gastronomy and culture are mixed in a unique place.

The Marbella International Film Festival offers a wonderful selection of independent films from the international scene, for the enjoyment of the Marbella people.

Other important events such as the Padel Experience by Madison or the Pokerstar Marbella Festival, fill the city with color with their activities and complete an extensive panorama of experiences to enjoy.

As you have seen, Marbella is undoubtedly one of the favorite cities in Spain to visit and enjoy, but it is also a wonderful city to settle and locate. More and more visitors decide to be deceived by the charm of its beaches, its people, its tranquility or its great leisure offer and for this reason Homewatch offers you vacation properties, so that you can enjoy Marbella life.

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