Luxury villas for sale in Marbella

Geographically, we can describe Marbella as one of the municipalities in the Western Costa del Sol region, with a privileged climate and landscapes that prevail almost all year round. But while this simple description may sound appealing, it falls short of the many points of interest in this internationally renowned region.


Marbella, an irresistible charm


The town does not begin to do justice if we do not allude to its cosmopolitan nature, its infinitely varied recreational and tourist offers and, of course, the luxurious atmosphere that it breathes. It cannot be a coincidence that luxury is intermingled with the air here when characters from Arab royalty and from all over Europe choose this destination to take their vacations.

There is no other tourist destination in Spain with as many golf courses as Marbella, that is, it is a benchmark not only for sports tourism, but for its elite. In addition to the 15 golf courses available, there are plenty of stores where you can stock up with the necessary equipment in case you need something or want to expand your inventory.

Shopping is another of the charms of the region. The most important brands worldwide, including some so exclusive that many still do not know, open their doors to the international clientele of this sumptuous municipality.

The cars that plow through the local streets and highways grace the place with their elegance and the buildings also make their contribution to that golden and living landscape of glamor and wealth. Regardless of whether you are looking for a vacation rental, or a property for your use and that it generates passive income, you will be interested in learning more about Marbella villas that are an ode to luxury.


Luxury villas in Marbella


Although for the ancient Romans the villa was a country house, today the concept has changed a lot. To a certain extent, the idea that it is a secondary-use dwelling is maintained.

However, country aesthetics are not necessarily a villa requirement. In fact, more and more, the place is synonymous with ostentation. Keep reading so that you know the essential attributes of a luxury villa... At least the ones you will find in Marbella.


Much space


One of the most sought-after aspects by buyers in the real estate market, especially in response to the confinement that the pandemic forces, as shown by market studies from last year and the current, space is key for a luxury villa. In Marbella you will find luxury villas built on plots of between 1000 and 4000 square meters. This guarantees spacious interiors and exteriors where you can enjoy the local climate.

In some of these opulent buildings the abundance of space is summarized in the aforementioned: multiple rooms and environments. But there are also options that include guesthouses of up to 200 square meters.


Stunning views ... Everywhere


Surely, you have read "... beautiful view ..." in the descriptions of hotel rooms or properties listed for sale. This is an increasingly sought-after attribute. Everyone wants a home with a beautiful view that resembles a poster with a vividly colored landscape.

The luxury villas in Marbella offer a good view, literally speaking. The Mediterranean Sea, the golf courses, the greenery of the private gardens ... These are details to which a lot of attention is devoted.



Prime location


Nueva Andalucía is the area that seems to pick up the cream of Marbella. It is one of the most expensive regions on the Costa del Sol, but also one of the most worthwhile. Not only does its proposal for tourism and luxury living grow daily, but it is one of the areas with the best prospects in the real estate market.

The seawater of the area shows yachts and boats that, once again, demonstrate the pomposity of the region. Here you have spacious, elegant, private villas, overlooking the sea and the peaceful golf courses in Aloha and Los Naranjos Golf. Marbella East has not been left behind with its opulent villas in Los Monteros.

Benahavís is among the Marbella neighborhoods worth mentioning. Madroñal, La Alquería and Flamingo's Golf are privileged areas where only the most generous budgets can buy a home.



Architecture and design up to date


It is true that the region invites you to travel back in time with its Andalusian whiteness. The reality is that it has great beauty and historical relevance. But Marbella luxury villas do not use age as an excuse for not updating. In fact, with the right real estate agency you will find new construction.

Either way, if it is a truly grand construction, even when it is old, it will be decorated and suitable according to the latest not only aesthetic but also technological standards.


Ensuite bathroom


The times of having to leave the house to the patio to go to the bathroom are behind us… Buyers are looking for bathrooms inside the bedroom or en suite. The term specifically refers to open-concept bathrooms within the room.

Following the surreptitious logic of hotel comfort, in addition to the dressing table in the room, also the dressing rooms in the room are signs of luxurious homes.

Surely, you are already aware of how charming this town on the Western Costa del Sol is. It has a balance between not allowing boredom thanks to the numerous recreational proposals and secluded and private spaces where you can rest as you should.

Food of all nationalities, discos for all tastes, privacy, security and views of the Mediterranean Sea that have nothing to envy to the photos in postcards and magazines. Perhaps your mouth is watering thinking of the sumptuous Marbella villas. The price of this delicate balance is not available to everyone, but the lineage that can afford it is evidence of how much it is worth investing in the luxury villas of Marbella.