Benahavis: nature, gastronomy and luxury

In Benahavís, nature, gastronomy, high-quality architecture and luxury coexist in perfect harmony. The municipality has the most mountainous topography of the entire Western Costa del Sol, multiple golf courses with meticulous landscaping, gastronomy that dances between the mountains and the sea and an architecture that at the same time combines ancient Arab features with the most current on the market.

This white town is integrated into the landscape of abundant flora and fauna both aesthetically, functionally and ecologically, which allows visitors to enjoy the three rivers that cross it: Guadaiza, Guadalmansa and Guadalmina. Read on to learn more about this white town with clean air and modernity, from its heights it is possible to see 100 kilometers of the Spanish coast and even the north of the African continent.

Benahavís and its nature

A very short distance from Marbella and Estepona, in the hills that flank the Serranía de Ronda is this destination. The heights of the region give rise to the Guadaiza, Guadalmansa and Guadalmina rivers that converge with the Mediterranean Sea and that are the center of sports activities such as hiking and canyoning. For example, the descent of the canyon, the Acequia del Guadalmina trail or the Benahavís – Montemayor trail.

Other sports activities in Benahavís in nature are the routes on horseback, by bicycle, by motorcycle or four-wheel drive vehicles. The Montemayor Castle fortress may not retain the integrity that it once had, but a glance from there is enough to enjoy the strategic location.

There is a water route known as the Angosturas del Río Guadalmina that is especially famous in sports tourism. The route includes segments that you will have to cover on foot between slippery rocks and others in which you will have to swim or walk in the water. Part of the reward is a good dip in the Poza de las Mozas.

The Sierra de las Nieves National Park, Cerro del Duque, Coto de La Zagaleta, Guadalmansa Valley are other natural places that you will not want to miss.

Benahavís and its gastronomy

The most interesting thing about Benahavís and its gastronomy is that combination between the elements of the cuisine of the mountains and that of the coast. On the one hand, as characteristic ingredients of the mountain range are venison, suckling pig, partridge and rabbit, among others, and it should be noted that their origin is not only from livestock production but also from hunting. On the side, coastal cuisine includes ingredients such as seafood, sole and dishes such as fish zarzuela.

Although the gastronomy in Benahavís has strong traditional features, it is at the same time versatile enough to adapt to international cuisine. Some attribute this fact to the proximity of this region to Marbella and its cosmopolitan nature. It is a cuisine that has at least 50 years of experience and recognition as exquisite and unique.

Among the most characteristic dishes of the region, we highlight the rabbit stew, beef tenderloin, the chorizo in water, the beef tenderloin in adobo and of course the seasoned pork tenderloin, which is one of the most emblematic. Not surprisingly, it is known as “the dining room of Costa del Sol”.

Luxury Benahavís

In Benahavis, luxury comes in different forms: gastronomy, leisure and recreation, sports and tourism, among others. For example, in sports, one of the most prominent offers in Malaga for golfers is Benahavís. The offer of golf courses exceeds a dozen, it has an academy and an equestrian club.

Hospitality and housing (especially the latter) are the main sources of ostentation in the area. Some of the most luxurious urbanizations in all of Europe rest in this Malaga municipality. For example Flamingos Naturaleza, El Madroñal, La Zagaleta and La Quinta.

It is a place where luxury constructions abound: clean lines, modern decoration and technology, maximum energy efficiency, integration with the landscape and the environment. These are some of the characteristics of Benahavís real estate that make both buyers and tenants invest several thousand or millions of euros in real estate, it is that in Benahavís luxury is more than a lifestyle, it is the refuge itself.

Benahavís and its architecture

You previously read roughly about housing in the region, but when it comes to Benahavís the architecture is rich and long-standing. Architectural monuments such as watchtowers of Leonera, of Alcuzcuz, Daidín and Tramores, the aforementioned Castillo de Montemayor, the Virgin Church of the Rosary and the Palace of Benahavístells the story of the region through its forms and dimensions.

In the same way, the multiple narrow streets of the city that flow like streams to flow into squares evoking the Arab presence that was there in the past, make up one of the most characteristic features of this white town.

Benahavileños events

As in all places with a consolidated identity, here there are also cultural events of a religious and artistic nature (to name a few) that enrich both tourism and the daily life of the site.

These include the procession of the Virgin of the Rosary, the Holy Week and the Fair of Benahavis which combines religion, art, cuisine, traditional demonstrations, entertainment and recreation at an event at the least five days to be held on August.

In Benahavís there is luxury, nature, gastronomy, architecture, religion and culture for others. Tourism in this area is perfectly consolidated, unemployment is Pyrrhic, there are high levels of security, the cost of living seems to be well balanced with the income generated.

There are activities for all tastes and the offer, although luxurious, has a wide spectrum to satisfy the needs of both adventurers and those with fine tastes. It is an area that simply costs what it is worth and is worth what it costs.

Being a frankly privileged region, from the first encounter with Benahavís and its nature, you will surely understand why the most demanding buyers and vacationers continue to choose this region more and more every day. This Andalusian region is not willing to lose rank, on the contrary, every day it refines its defects and exalts its virtues.

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