Reasons to rent your house in long term

Aug 13, 2021 - When it comes to putting a home that we belong to for rent, always we hesitate to rent seasonally, and a few months trying to meet the liquidity needs of housing, or throw and adopt a long term rental. Today we are going to tell you a series of reasons why you should rent your...

How to make an off-plan home purchase

Jul 06, 2021 -   Buying off plan is often a difficult decision to make. There is a lot of uncertainty about what is being acquired, considering that the delivery time from the foundations to the delivery of the key is more than 2 years. That is why the General Council of Associations of Real Estate Agents COAPI offers...

Homes for sale in Costa de Sol

Apr 23, 2021 -   The Homewatch real estate agency specializes in the purchase and sale of real estate in Costa del Sol, Malaga, and in the holiday rental market in the same region for more than 20 years. It started as a small family business and kept growing constantly until it became one of the most respected references...

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Contact with Vivienne Thoennessen
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